Best Bruce Wayne?

Even though there are some great Batman’s I feel like they don’t always play Bruce Wayne well, the most successful people are the ones who do both well, for instance Keaton was a pretty weird Bruce Wayne lol, I’d go with Bale or Clooney for best Bruce Wayne, and yes I said Clooney, he was actually good as Wayne, just rly bad as Batman. Conroy was great too

I’d like to see Jon Hamm…

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Clooney was awful as Batman, but not bad as Bruce…I agree. I think Affleck played both the the best, Bale also both very well and Kilmer was a good Bruce Wayne as well. Keaton was fantastic as Batman, but he was not a good Bruce Wayne…lol.

Clooney was by far best Bruce wayne

Ben Afleck was a great Bruce Wayne. Not a good Batman though.

Michael Keaton