Best Bookshelf?

Hey just looking around for peoples opinions on good bookcases/bookshelves they have and where they bought them from? Im just starting to collect a lot more trades and omnis so I want a strong sturdy bookcase.


Typically most of the book cases you can buy are the cheaper ones you have to make. They do alright but over time the weight will make the shelves sag. I ended up making my own bookcases with thicker wood for the shelves. So far so good, plus was able to make them as big or tall as I wanted. Not saying that the prefab shelves don’t have a place though because I use alot of them too.


If you are near an IKEA, I recommend their bookshelves. I have one of their 5 shelf ones and I love it. It has held up well and I am debating getting another.


I ordered one from Wayfair for my trades. It’s a 4-shelf bookshelf with thick shelves. I’d recommend trying to look up the shelf weight guidelines. Mine is supposed to hold something like 50 lb per shelf. It’s holding up well.

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+1 vote on making your own. I was able to measure mine out to get the maximum shelves so that my books fit perfectly. Otherwise if you get the pre-made ones there can be a lot of wasted space.

I made mine out of pine so it wasn’t even that expensive. Instead of stain I have clear coated them and the wood ages naturally.

I’m not particularly handy but they are not that difficult to make.


Welcome back to the community @crestofnightwing! :0_nightwing: I’ll double the recommendation for IKEA bookshelves (you generally can’t go wrong with IKEA, though). If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend a cheap one from Target / Walmart (they have some pretty tall / wide ones for around $30, but they’re not super sturdy). I use those for stuff that isn’t on the heavier side.

Welcome to the community @loptsson.28349! :wave: Your custom bookshelves sound amazing; if I had the talent, I’d do the same instead of going out and buying pre-made ones.

Please let the moderator team know if you need anything! :batparrot:


I built my own (see link below). I suggest you brace store bought shelves to keep them from sagging or collapsing.


@Shayera.Hol Thank you everyone for the recommendations. I have one from Walmart but its flexing with the top shelf full of trades and four omnis. I will check out ikea for sure. I saw the kallax or the billy? Is one better than the other?