Best Batman and Superman Arcs for New Readers, by Category

I have been reading Batman and Superman comics for decades, but I am an expert in neither.

When I look at our wonderful library, I find that there is too much Batman for any readers to get through easily, much less a new reader.

For Superman, there appears to be a lot of origin stories, but then fewer titles, primarily Action and Superman, that contains a lot of different stuff.

What I am looking for is a small set of Arcs in different categories, which together give readers a sufficient knowledge of each character, so that they can read other Superman and Batman stories with confidence, knowing what the characters are.

The issues or Arcs must be in our library, by the end of March.

The stories must be in current continuity.

Each arc must be a limited number of issues, with none or few crossovers.

If the arc is dark and more suited for mature readers, is there an all ages version that can be substituted.

The classic example is Batman Year One, which will be in our library soon. It is essential, this portrayal of Gotham is not suitable for young readers.

The categories for Batman I am suggesting are:

How did Batman become Batman?

What stories besides Dark Knight inspired the Burton and Nolan film? Detective Comics 751 to 756, by Engleheart and Rogers may be one of them

Batman and his villains

Batman as a detective

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman and Robin

The Bat family. James Tynion IV Rebirth Detective Comics may be good here.

For Superman

Best in continuity origin story

Superman starting out Action 1 may be suitable here.

A vague Superman does Superman stuff

Superman and his family (Lois, Jon) Rebirth Tomasi is my top choice here.

Would you pick different categories?

What are your picks for one of more of the categories, for one or both categories?. You must feel the story you suggest is real good, and only one or two per category you decide to contribute to.

Thank you.

I am learning more about Batman and the last versions of him, new 52 and rebirth

Is Scott Snyder origin story of Batman, ZeronYear a good replacement for Batman Year One? Is it less dark? It is certainly longer.

Is Tom King’s Joker and Riddler war, set early in Batman’s career, a good example of Batman and his various foes?

Reviewers suggest Hush and City of Owls as good examples of Batman as a detective. What is your opinion?

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I think Hush can be a good example of Batman as a detective although Long Halloween is amazing as well. Court of Owls does a great job of challenging Batman’s pride in his own abilities and his knowledge of what Gotham is. Also a good beginner story for the Batman relationship with the Joker would be Scott Snyder’s Death of the Family.

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I would generally agree tomasi’s run is a great starting point!