Best Batman Adaptation

What is the best interpretation of the Dark Knight outside of comics? Are you a fan of the goofy lightheartedness of Adam West and Burt Ward? Do you like the grounded take that Christian Bale and the Nolan brothers brought to life? What about Kevin Conroy in the DCAU and the Arkham games? Whatever your fave, tell us!

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Animation: DCAU Batman.

Live action: The Dark Knight Trilogy.


Oh I love Hishe how it should have ended videos!

Kevin Conroy

Shucks that a toughfy
Michael Keaton
But I feel that if Affleck had gotten a better chance it would be him.

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I am in the same boat as @ Vroom on this one (as I’m sure many will be), but would say that LEGO Batman is a really close second as far as animated Batman’s go.

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Btas if the best animated
And dark Knight is the best live action

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Kevin Conroys Batman from the animated universe and the Arkham games is the definitive Batman outside of the comics imo.


Animation: BTAS
Lego batman/ brave and the bold

Live action: Haven’t decided