Best Batgirl Design in LEGO DC Video Games

This ones a tough one. LEGO Batman 2s design was pretty cool, especially with the bat symbol on the boots, and I like how they went for a different design in LEGO dc Supervillains, but I honestly loved the 3rd games rendition.

Best Batgirl design in LEGO DC video games

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I’d go with the 66 one, but it just isn’t the same without the blinding glimmer of the real thing.


I guess I’m the only one but I love the Batman The Video Game one. 1st, the Bruce Timm version of the costume is my favorite. 2nd, she just looks so sassy :dancer: :rofl:

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Why is Lego Batgirl 3 getting more votes than 2? They are like the same except 2 has leg printing and is therefore superior.

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Well for me, it’s the head piece. That just kills it for me.


Yeah, I can see how people wouldn’t like the chin strap looking thing if that’s what’s turning you off. Although, on the Lego Batman I think it looks good.

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