Best Batgirl(Barbara Gordon) runs and best Birds of Prey runs

Looking for recommendations for Batgirl runs and Birds of Prey runs

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My personal favorite Babsgirl run is the Gail Simone run in the New 52 from #1 to #34 (though there’s a #0 and a Future’s End one-shot). There’s also the “Burnside” run by Brandon Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr, which starts at #35 and ends at #52, which was pretty popular.

Her Rebirth series has been decent, but it’s REALLY started to get good with the new writer change at #25.

Birds of Prey wise, we have the Chuck Dixon run on the app, though it’s Barbara as Oracle and, honestly, I’m not that much into it. The Gail Simone run is, IMO, the quentessential, iconic BOP run, however.


.Batgirl Year One
.Batgirl Rebirth(2016-)
.Birds of Prey By Chuck Dixon
.Birds Of Prey By Gail Simone


I know this is an ancient topic and the original poster probably will never read this, but I’ll take any opportunity to gush about my favorite series, so:

Dixon and Simone’s Birds of Prey runs are both incredible. I think they each have certain strengths and weaknesses but are both among the best books I’ve read.

Dixon’s run is a cool sort of platonic love story between Babs and Dinah, and it’s just so rare to have a great duo book like that, but seeing their dynamic grow and develop over the run is great.

Simone’s run is more of a traditional team book with the addition of Huntress and Lady Blackhawk, but it works well in that capacity. I’d say the character development is weaker, but the dialogue is better (not that Dixon is bad by any stretch, Simone’s just even better) and the main A-plots are stronger.

Dixon specializes in brief, fun-if-you-don’t-think-about-them-too-hard two- and three-shot stories connected by stronger ongoing character drama. I prefer Dixon’s format as a matter of personal taste, but Simone implements her format really well.


I’d say Simone is best bop imho as well. Some specific favorites are Talon: Claws of the Court; B.O.P #21, Talon #9, #10 & #11. BOP Sensei & Student, The hunt for Oracle, Blood & Circuits, Blackbird, Hostile Takeover, Hero Hunters. -Barbara Gordon Batgirl; Year One, The Cat & The Bat, Wanted vol 4 issues #19-#25, War Games, Most of the Batgirl New 52 is great, all imho but idk if u like what I do lol. Same with BOP. Also would add On Wings & Between Dark & Dawn to BOP. If u want a great read altogether involving Oracle Suicide Squad The Janus Directive is amazing & BOP The Death of Oracle is great.

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Speaking of Gail Simone’s run:

I’ll add a few to the list.

Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle by Gail Simone
Oracle: Year One
Batman Family (from the 70s)
Prelude to a Wedding: Batgirl vs Riddler

Babs also showed up in a lot of Dixon era Bat books and events. Gotham Knights had a Batgirl and Jason Todd team up (around 41, I think) flashback. Birds of Prey Batgirl/Black Canary was a fun team foreshadowing.

Babs also had a decent sized mentor role is Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl run, and Oracle: The Cure was around/included in the Battle for the Cowl event. Although Batman Black Mirror is really a Dick as Batman story, the Gordon’s have a big role in it.