Best Arkham Game?

So far I’ve only played Arkham City and Arkham Knight, but they all seem pretty cool.
Between the 2 I have played, I like the story for Arkham Knight better, but City has much better gameplay.

Anyone play all 4 games? What are your opinions on the games?


Arkham Asylum is my favorite in terms of concept, story and atmosphere.

Origins is a great underrated game in every aspect.

Arkham City is fantastic but Knight has the better improved gameplay and batmobile element.

Arkham Knight is probably my least favorite game in term of story though


I love all 4 of them, the story, side missions, villains and even the Easter eggs/ secrets. But if I had to choose one out of 4 it would probably be Arkham Knight because it brought back some past villains in origins such as Deathstroke & FireFly,
Amazing DLC
skins & bonus missions like season of infamy.
And last but not least Easter eggs like
Zsasz spotted, lex Corp, bane’s costume, scarecrows old mask and many more…

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My favorite game is Knight because it has the most features and the added story packs cuz I love Nightwing and had the best gameplay. But, the weakest story with the Jason shit. If they would’ve just kept it with Scarecrow I would’ve liked the story way more. I was also missing the Scarecrow stuff from Asylum that I loved. Obviously, Asylum is my second favorite.
Origins is my #3 and City is my #4. I just didn’t like the idea of Arkham City itself but, they did do a great job including all the villains but, Origins did the same thing and I liked the story better.

Arkham City is my favorite with Arkham Asylum a close second.

Mines would be in this order:
(1)Origins due to the best boss fights in the series.
(2) Knight simply for the combat and traversal. The batmobile segments, especially the last tank fight, really ruined the game for but outside of that I love this game.
(3) While technically the most complete of all of the games I was felt unsatisfied by the time I completed the game. Over great combat and story but the story was trumped by “Origins” in my opinion.
(4) Asylum was awesome but after playing “City” it is jarring to go back to this game. Second best story in the series in my opinion.

  1. city
  2. knight
  3. origins
  4. asylum
    all great tho city one of the greatest games ever
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I think Arkam City was the darkest and most fun to play.

I’d go:

  1. City
  2. Knight
  3. Asylum
  4. Origins

Arkham City is one of my favorite games ever. So epic.

I liked the Batmobile addition in Knight, but I almost felt it was used too much by the end. I’d rather just fly around as Batman.

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-I liked the story and gameplay from Arkham City the best.
-Arkham Asylum had those awesome Scarecrow scenes.
-Arkham Origins lacked Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill and wasn’t developed by Rocksteady so it feels a bit unpolished compared to the previous games, but it’s still worth checking out.
-Arkham Knight was my least favorite game because of the over emphasis on the Batmobile.

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Arkham origins , city, asylum and knight.crap batmobile fighting hurt it.

Asylum would be my favorite video game of all time if not for one issue: City is better. As for Origins, I’m going to admit something: I’m not very good at video games. I try, and sometimes I think I’m better than I am, but I pretty much suck. I can still play Asylum and City on easy mode. Origins, on the other hand, is absolutely brutal. I don’t know what’s so much harder about it, but it’s just infuriating to play. And, it’s a little unpolished like other people were saying.

Knight’s story is abysmal. It’s like all of the worst trends in event comic crossovers in video game form. It’s got pointless, ugly shock deaths. It’s got melodramatic proclamations that it’s THE END, FOREVER YOU GUYS. It’s got plot twists that are simultaneously blatantly obvious and completely nonsensical. It’s got villain plans that the writers were clearly making up as they went along. It’s got an obnoxious, whiny man-child as a villain. It’s got Jason Todd being annoying. It’s-



Guys, I just realized that Arkham Knight is Countdown to Final Crisis: The Video Game.

Anyway, the question was about favorites, not least favorites, so I’m going to gush about Asylum and City to purge my system of that frightening thought. First, those two games are written by Paul Dini, who is easily one of the best, if not THE best, Batman writers ever (though he was involved with Countdown, so make of that what you will). You’ve got a bunch of villains running around, but a good reason for them to all be active at once (breakout at Arkham Asylum/thrown into Arkham City to fend for themselves), and they mostly have different feels to how you encounter them. In Asylum, the Scarecrow segments are brilliantly twisted, and that Mister Freeze boss fight in Arkham City is one of the best video game bosses of all time. The Riddler puzzles are exactly as much of a pain as you’d expect, but boy do you feel like the World’s Greatest Detective when you solve them. The Riddler himself is so smarmy, it’s just always really funny listening to him (while he’s a lot more mean-spirited in Knight - in the early games, it felt more like he was talking himself up than putting you down). And, of course, there’s the great voice cast. And the gameplay makes you feel like Batman, but those last two apply to all four games (maybe less so the voice cast on Origins, but they’re still pretty good). Overall, the open world, more villains, and Catwoman side-story make me like City better than Asylum, but I love both games.

I’ve played them all. They’re all great. Arkham Knight has the best storyline but Arkham City had the best game play and hardest boss fights in my opinion. I wanted more one on one fights in Arkham Knight but the story was superb. Also it has the most interaction with the batmobile which sets it apart as well. You’ve played the two best tho. I do recommend Arkham Origins tho it was also great

Arkham Knight having the best story makes me face palm and laugh at the same time. The batmobile is a great element but was relied too much on in the story

For me, when it comes to story, Origins is the best. It feels more whole. It also had the best boss fights.

All the games are great.
Asylum is my 2nd favorite.

Knight is great, but it suffers on the boss fights.

City’s main story was too short anf it was filled with more side missions than main story missions with okay boss fights.
I still give all the games 9.5s and higher