Best Aquaman runs/stories?

Been trying to read more Aquaman, so could you guys tell me some good stories of his? I’d prefer if they were here but anything counts.


if u havent read iy yet read new 52 aquaman by geoff johns. other than that theres aquaman by peter david or the original 60s aquaman isnt too bad.


Agreed - Start with the first 4 issues of Aquaman 2011 here. It won’t get you the full Trench story arc, but it will give you a taste of the run.


The New 52 Aquaman is solid and The Rebirth Aquaman series is great too. For the Rebirth series, I really reccomend the Underworld arc (it begins in issue 25). The series up to that point is very good but from #25 on, it reached a new plateau of fun and entertainment.

Aquaman and the Others is a fun team book. The volume begun by Peter David is good also, from the little I’ve read. Last I knew, that entire series is available here. It ran for 75 issues.


New 52 was an entertaining ride! Loved it.


.Peter David on Aquaman
.Aquaman By Geoff Johns
.Aquaman Rebirth Series

Since I was a boy I have always loved reading the adventures of The King of the Seven Seas. To me Aquaman was always cool and never a joke. I don’t think there’s a stinker in the whole canon of Arthur’s run. But of course my favorite is “The Search for Mera”. It blew a thirteen-year-old fan away.