Best and worst of the New 52

The New 52 is the reason I started reading comics on a constant basis. At first I thought it was a masterclass in writing and illustration. That is until I read some pre-flashpoint stuff and realized that sometimes the New 52 was just awful, just so bad (R.I.P. hipster Superman). That being said, what would you say were some of the best and worst moments of the New 52?

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Aquaman was by far the High point of the New52 for me. Even though I was a big Aquaman fan long before Geoff Johns came on board, his run kept mecoming back every month. As for the low point? Just about everything in Flash. I’m not knocking the people working on the book but the behind the scenes decisions such deleting the better part of the Flash’s supporting cast. the annulment of Barry and Iris marriage. It was all garbage. I had no problem with Barry taking the lead in The Flash when they brought him back. but making him the end-all be-all of everything Flash related at the expense of all of the good world building that had been accomplished in the 25 or so years before. was just a miserable waste.


Highest points - Aquaman, Batman and Justice League

Lowest - Flash

New 52 still had a lot and more pros but also a ton of cons!


My favorites were Batman, the Manapul and Buccellato Flash and Detective runs, and Aquaman. Wonder Woman was good, but different. I really enjoyed Demon Knights too and wish it would come to this service.

Low points were Superman, Teen Titans, Convergence, and Future’s End.


Best stuff (IMO): Animal Man, Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing (best of the best)

High points: Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, All Star Western

Low Points: Action, Superman, Deathstroke, Flash, Grayson, Green Arrow, Lobo, Teen Titans, Earth 2, Dr. Fate, Hawk & Dove, Firestorm, Justice League, Savage Hawkman, Superman Unchained, Legion lost and LoSH

Too be honest, for me as a DC fan from way, way, back…Nu52 about took me out of comics. Thank goodness for Johns and Rebirth.

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I was all about Batman in New 52. It was the only title I stuck with.
I was excited for Action and Superman, but I only lasted a few issues. Same with JL.

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I can’t pinpoint anything I’d say was “the best”, because I was underwhelmed by the New52. Most of what I did read didn’t need a reboot, and the elements that would have needed it could’ve just been tweaked or abandoned, if you ask me.

But since I’m going to include everything between Flashpoint and Rebirth as New52, I’d say the worst part for me was Batman & Robin Eternal. A mess of a story that not only centered on an undeserving character, but also showed such disregard for Cassandra Cain (despite the story being the brainchild of a fan of hers). After that story, and the fact that Tynion was put on 'Tec to continue writing Cass, I decided to drop any Bat-related ongoings, after collecting them for a long time. I’ll be back on board as soon as they fix that egregious error.

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It doesnt look like Cass is going to revert anytime soon. Shes speaking now :confused:

New 52 in general was horrendous.

The Death of the Family Batman arc was cool tho.


I hope I’m not the only who is finding New 52 underrated. There was definetly a lot of issues but like I said before, it also had lots of goods

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High: Batman, Justice League, John’s Aquaman

Lows:. Teen Titans, Morrison’s Action Comics, Superman

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@ rgardnerv.77675 Yeah, that’s my worry. It’ll be like Spidey annulling his marriage via pact with the Devil; too long and people will grow too accustomed to the stupid instead of fighting the stupid. And it doesn’t help that we Cass fans were deprived of her for years, and the best DC could churn out was a cheap, New52’d copy.

Her speaking is one of the head-scratchers about Tynion’s version. I read somewhere he genuinely thought he was writing a No Man’s Land era Cassandra, but he had her speaking fairly clearly from the get go. Before, it took some tutoring to say a single-syllable word, but in B&RE onward, she’s talking in fragments. Not the same thing, so i don’t know where he’s seeing the similarity, other than the POV of a fan-fiction writer critiquing his latest “masterwork.”

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Batman and Aquaman are great.

The New 52 stuff reqlly messed up a lot of the Bat Family, and honestly Tynions writing in general missing the mark constantly.

I have just come to grips with the fact that Cass as I knew her is dead. For gods sake she fell in love with Clayface for some reason.

Hopefully Tomasi can take over Detective and make it good. Its a shame they can’t just do what they did to Cass that they did with N52 Bart and just delete her anf try again.

@rgardnerv.77675 I’ve heard about her relationship with Clayface (not so much “falling in love”, as just a close friendship), and much like Tynion’s other pursuits, it has potential, but his execution in Batman/&Robin Eternal was, as you said, off-mark.

As for Cass being “dead”…I’d rather not just up and accept it. Some had that attitude when the New52 started, when Young Justice got cancelled, and other examples in and out of comics. YJ is getting another season and Rebirth has [allegedly] been trying to course-correct. Superman’s origins are now mostly New52-free, so why not Cassandra? Obviously, besides the fact that she’s a more obscure character that the powers-at-be don’t much care about.

So I for one won’t stop mentioning what a mistake her reinvention was. Accepting bad decisions is why Dan Didio is still in power. Granted, the most I can do is sound off here, Facebook, and my YouTube channel (, for those interested). DC’s the one that screwed up, they should be the ones the see it gets fixed properly.

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Part of me is still living the moment when new 52 launched right after Flashpoint very very exciting times 52 freaking separate Comics. it’s also a Bittersweet memory cuz the fella running one of the 3 comic stores that I would go to at the time ended up no longer selling comics and in fact ended up with his name in the newspaper. It was frankly odd that Green Lantern and Batman didn’t seem to be affected by the same shattering of history that the rest were. I really like I think it was Grant Morrison that did like the first 17 issues of New 52 Action, that was fantastic.

I just assume timeline changes dony affect you if youre in space.


I think Batman was largely unaffected because he’s Batman, and one character DC was certain they didn’t need to change much (none of them needed the changes, but Bats has always been pretty popular, so alterations to him were minimal. I never thought of him as the type to have rooftop sex on patrol, but DC apparently thought otherwise).

Green Lantern didn’t change, so the scuttlebutt goes, because of Geoff Johns’ involvement in both Hal Jordan pre-Flashpoint, and in the reboot itself.

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