Benefits of Long-Term Subscriptions?

  1. What exclusive events have there been over the past 2 years for subscribers?
  2. What, if any, benefits for continuing to subscribe?
    2.a. Been a member continuously since 2018. Haven’t seen any benefits to continue paying…
  3. Show me a worthy benefit, besides digital comics.
  4. Hate to cancel this year, alas it is illogical to keep paying 80 bucks a year for WALs that aren’t fitting my life schedule.
  5. Going to the SwampThing Screening was a Life Highlight for me. Is there ever going to be anything like this again?
  6. REALLY wanting to Stay, alas it seems my money would be better used buying comics & still participating in the community, which is a free for all thing, correct?
    Very little info on the benefits of subscribing - so, when there is a thread already - take me to it, I still haven’t aligned with this structure…
    Miss the App & Miss Applejack!
    Take Care SuperFanFriends! :two_hearts::v:

I do agree that when this first started, before the switch to Infinite, it looked more enticing to the common audience with the TV shows and movies, but to me, the reason why I subscribe is the access to thousands of back issues, and if that isn’t worth less than $10/month, I can’t see why anybody would subscribe.
There were certain exclusivity promotions that I think got waylaid by the pandemic, and the few things that did happen wasn’t anything I cared for, like an exclusive cover for a crossover between Superman and some musician (wtf) and the scam, I mean NFT promotion, featuring Batman cowls or something like that.
This is a buffet, but if you don’t think the price is worth the food being served, you should find someplace else to eat.


I’m not subscribed too long term with DC Universe, that ended last year. Once in a while I’ll subscribed to their monthly and take a break from it.
I originally subscribe was because of the movies and shows to watch.
I really miss watching DC Daily, those were the good old days, til Covid hit, and that’s when things change. In my opinion it was a bad called for DC Universe to remove videos, for better or for worse I do hope that DC Universe Infinite continues to be successful, it does have alot of great comics to read, hopefully they’ll add alot more old missing issues soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


The draw for me was the library. Most watchalongs do not fit my schedule either.


I do month-to-month. I have since the beginning. I stay because of the comics library. For about eight bucks a month I can read a vast selection of older stuff I didn’t have access to growing up and new stuff I may not be willing to buy physically but am still interested in checking out.

Waiting six months for recent comics to come to the app rather than the twelve month window it had when the service first started is good. Given my hesitation with current comics, waiting six months isn’t a problem. Most of what I read is the Post-Crisis DCU and there’s a lot I haven’t gotten to, so waiting six months for something new isn’t a problem.

I can understand the frustration. When the app first launched it was a streaming service and a comics library. It’s something I haven’t seen done before or since. The pandemic really put a crimp on things but that’s not their fault. And for what it’s worth, I’m glad the shows didn’t get cancelled. They went to HBO Max where they got more seasons and bigger budgets. I feel bad we lost what we had, but I’m glad we had it and it still exists in some form.

But again, I’m staying for the library. There’s so much I haven’t read and there’s books I forgot about or didn’t know existed that I can try.

If the app isn’t working for you, that’s okay. You gotta do what’s best for you and your money. Times are tough these days. If it is working for you, then enjoy it because that’s what this app is supposed to do…give you joy in reading comics with the characters you love. Besides, it could be worse…it could be Comixology. Have you seen how bad Amazon messed that up?


If it’s okay to be perfectly honest – I stay subscribed and have been an annual subscriber since the very beginning, because I don’t want the site to fail and die. Undoubtedly there was more objective value in DCU when it had video content. That first year was the best, bar none. It’s unfortunate what happened with the entertainment industry during Covid, and they gave HBO Max some of our content to drive their own subscribers and basically left us in the dust.

I do find value in the comics, because I’m working through decades of back issues as well as new stuff that I’d otherwise have to buy. Not that I really have time to read them. But everything else is true, there’s just a tiny fraction of the value that we originally had. If someone didn’t like comics there would be no reason to subscribe. And I never see DCU advertised anywhere. We’ve lost the majority of mods. I’m questioning if there is a future for us.


You’ve got a great point there, when DC Universe first started, people use to complain about missing issues, who can forget the stupidest idea of rotating comics?! Nobody but Brian Thong on DC Daily like the idea.
Now that video is gone, people will still have something to complain about. Even I need to remember there’s real people out there trying their best to give us the best comic reading ever. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll always be a fan of DC Universe Infinite no matter what.


My favorite was people saying “Why isn’t this movie on here? Aren’t they supposed to have EVERYTHING?!” I don’t know where they got that idea and it persisted.