Before "Doomsday Clock"

All right, I haven’t read “Doomsday Clock”, so no spoilers please. But before I do start reading it, I want to make sure I am clear on a few things.

-The “Rebirth” one-shot clears up that Barry Allen, despite causing Flashpoint, isn’t really the reason why so many changes came about during the New 52

-“The Button” confirmed that Doctor Manhattan is somehow the cause behind the changes

-A mysterious man known as Oz has been going up against Superman. It is revealed that Oz is actually Superman’s Kryptonian father, somehow being forced to do the work of Manhattan

-The modern and Pre-New 52 versions of Superman got “merged” together

PLEASE correct me if I am inaccurate with any of these assessments. I want to go into this story with full knowledge of what I need to know.

Also, it is my understanding that even though the events of “Doomsday Clock” does explain some of the mysteries in the main canon, it technically isn’t canon yet because the story kept experiencing delays, but DC is currently working on a way to now bring it into canon. Is this also accurate to say?


All of this is accurate as far as I know.


You are correct

The story may not be canon


Generation Zero, a free comic book day release, is going to connect to DD Clock according to solicitations, so I would say if not yet “technically” cannon, it’s about to be​:four_leaf_clover:


No dude. IT IS CANON. this whole BS as to whether or not is utterly pointless and stupid. It’s confirmed in-canon, and by other sources that it is in fact canon. End this nonsense now.