🤜 Beat a Titan with a Titan! 🤛

Hello again, and welcome to the Training Room! Batman was a little worried that our wonderful Titans might be getting just a bit, how to put it, overconfident. And so, we arranged this exercise to show how every Titan has their own weaknesses.

Your goal, my dear audience, is to defeat the Titan above you in a one-on-one battle. Describe, in as many or as few words as you like, how your choice claimed victory. You can use any character who has claimed the title of a Teen Titan, even if they’re not a part of the current roster. And you can pick any rendition of a character - live-action, animated, comics!

We’ll start off with our favorite rebellious half-demon, Raven!

Who do you think could take her down in a fight?


As of right now since she is in the beginning stages of her powers probably/maybe just Superboy at the moment but once she reach the peak of her powers she is the most powerful titan and would easily beat any titan including Superboy easily.

There have been quite a few powerful Titans over the years, but I might have aimed just a bit high! :smiley: Let’s fix that with the next fighter to enter the ring… Robin - the Dick Grayson version.

Man, any of the powered Titans could take Robin if they took him by surprise. Let’s go with Cyborg hitting with some major decibels when he ain’t looking.

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I can’t wait to see the season 2 finale of the Titans it’s on n popping lol

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Welcome to the community, @davidrawlings2048.32468! I can’t wait to see the finale either, it’s bound to be explosive. :boom:

Until then, would you like to join our little game? Feel free to jump right in and let us know which Titan you think could beat Cyborg.

Thx n sure idk cyborg is half human n robot so I’m go with Starfire

Plz make epesoide 14 pkz I only have this for a month

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