Beast boy

Anyone else hoping garfield gets some actual development? The only thing i dont like about titans is that hes essentially a glorified extra


I have hope since he’s on the thumbnail for the next episode. He has gotten the short end of the stick all season.

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Dude just wait till next episode. That’s all I’m gonna say

Yeah, so far in season 2 Gar’s role has been mostly limited to pining for Rachel. Since their fight that seems to be over, so maybe better things await him.

I hope Gar gets real development and not just a subplot in the next episode and doesn’t do anything for the next four episodes after next week.

If you want development watch young justice haha.

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True, Gar has a major role in YJ, and is even dating a queen.

Definitely hope they do more. He is basically just there this season, which is weird because fans made it pretty clear they wanted more Beast Boy but they have used him even less this season. He really is just… there.