Be A Hero New Years Eve 2022

Those of us legal to drink, please be safe while you are out, New Years Eve, even if you do not drink, others do, and others do drive while drunk, so be hyper vigilant. Especially if you are celebrating out at night.

Drunk or driving under the influence is a choice, not an accident. The law does not care what your tolerance level is.

ooooohh i dunno how to post a gif,

someone find a Judge Dredd, I Am The Law ! Gif

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I wana do a DC Comics Green Lantern Corps ( member ) cosplay P.S.A on this topic, lol make it a youtube clip.

lmfao do it while I am drunk and be like , in a drunk voice, WHAT! You, you think you’re better than me ? Do you have idea what I do ? Plus least I don’t drink and drive, or drink n fly.

I am safffffffffffffe n sound at home.

and then at that point, lol the camera falls over and the screen goes black but the sound is on, and catches a thud noise , suggesting I passed out an fell on the floor.

lmfao and then the video ends,

leave the question of, who the F posted this on youtube, how, and why for the public to comment on.