Just finish reading the first volume of New 52 Batwoman, “Hydrology”.

Please tell me her comics get better, because this particular story was kind of…meh.

I’m trying to get more familiar with thw character before her CW debut and wanna know if there’s better stories out there.

I wasn’t a big fan of her New 52 run either. If you want her at her best, check out her run by Greg Rucka. It’s on DC Universe under the Detective Comics banner.

For other books outside the app, I’d look at her in the Rebirth era. Her most recent ongoing was far stronger, and she plays a big role in James Tynion’s run of Detective Comics, where she co-leads with Batman training the youngest members of the Bat-Family.


I submitted that story on the voting thread this week, I don’t think it got a simple vote lol

Thanks a bunch.

“Ruby Rose” I think will be perfect!

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I’m a fan of “Greg Rucka,” he writes good stuff, which is why I recommended his arc in “Detective Comics.”

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I liked the New 52 series well enough, but I’ll her starring turn in 'Tec. Very, very good.

The Rebirth run was absolutely fantastic!

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