Batwoman Season 2

I’ve been debating this for months, with Ruby Rose leaving the show and Rachel Skarsten still being on it, does Alice and even Jacob Kane and Mary still have a place on the show? The show was very much centered on Kate’s relationship with these three characters.


I’ve been wondering how they’re going to thread this needle, too. I suppose that Mary is now Luke’s friend, too, or at least motivated to stay in the Batcave looking for Kate, so she’ll stay at the center. Alice could now be angry that someone is replacing her sister in the public eye. But then you have this weird “backup story,” where Jacob and Sophie are unrelated mercenaries. There’s also the bar. Was that supposed to be another source of supporting/recurring characters?

The story could bring Sophie into the “inner circle,” somehow—inviting her directly or having her stumble across them while searching for Kate—making her a more direct double-agent in the Crows, but…I’m not sure that’s interesting.

So, they have options, but it’s a matter of what makes sense for the stoires they want to tell and what the actors have the ability to carry.

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Batwoman, as a television series, should not exist without Kate Kane at its center.

Full stop.

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Since it was only one season I would have gone with recasting her. I do not watch the show, but hopefully for its fans the producers prove me wrong.

Not recasting the role of Kate renders both the central premise of the series and the entirety of Season 1 meaningless, especially because Season 1 didn’t even get a proper conclusion.

I don’t know how Greg Berlanti, Caroline Dries, and even Ruby Rose thought replacing the Kate Kane character after Ruby decided to leave was a good idea, because it wasn’t.

I think the fandom is in concert that they should’ve recast Kate Kane. By not doing it, they’ve made a mess of things.

I can definitely agree on Season 1 being for naught. When you realize that even Safiyah can’t work anymore either because she was specifically after Kate. A lot of things that were set-up in Season 1 don’t work anymore.

I went against my better judgement and watched the Season 2 trailer, and Berlanti and Co. might actually have found a way to make their decision work narratively.

I still don’t think it was the right decision for them to have made, though.

I would have preferred also that they recast Kate. I will give it a chance though.