Batwoman Greenlit

Batwoman has been confirmed to be coming to the CW . It will be staring Ruby Rose is Katy Kane.

Will she be taking center in Arrowverse with Arrow ending this fall?



I’m excited!!!

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that new show logo … can’t wait

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Don’t know about taking center stage, think The Flash will have that roll. But series looks like it could be interesting. Hard to tell for sure, but her appearance in the Arrowverse crossover showed potential for sure.


With Arrow ending and the Batfamily being bigger, I think Batwoman will overthrow Flash, LoT, Black Lightning and even Supergirl. Makes sense since she is the new thing and they all followed her orders in the crossover (she intimidated them).

I didn’t like any CW shows aside from Supergirl, but I am looking forward to this one because I loved Gotham.

I’m definitely going to tune into this and check it out. I wasn’t too crazy about the comic but I have enjoyed the CW writers interpretations so far, so they might very well get me hooked.

Not sure there is a center stage in the Arrowverse. Except for the yearly crossovers the shows don’t really connect anymore.

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