Batwoman Cancelled

As much as I love Legends, I’m more disappointed by the loss of Batwoman which had really come into its own and was as good as the best seasons of Arrow this last year. Legends was starting to show its age and if it weren’t for the cliffhanger ending I think this would have been a good farewell season.

What I’m really hoping for is a storyline on the next season of Flash similar to Armageddon where some of these characters can show up to get a proper farewell. I think that’s more realistic than expecting HBO Max movies and would be more satisfying than a comic book continuation. And while they’re at it, maybe Mia Queen could finally find William? Geez…

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Alice, Actually I didn’t even think of that, to (turn Alice good into Batwoman) (that’s actually a 4th good Chioce) but you would’ve had to either really step up Mouse into becoming the major villain without Alice’s help or created a real good villain to take over Alice’s place. But the stepsister that I was talking about was Mary Hamilton the underground medic. The underground medic would’ve had some skills that would be different would’ve showed a lot of promise.

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I think Sophie as Batwoman on paper would have been the best option.

The problem I think they had from a production standpoint is they made a big issue that Batwoman would be a lesbian and they would get a lesbian or bisexual actress to play her. Obviously they didn’t plan to re-cast but think they felt pressure to continue that mantra with whoever took over. So Alice or Kate’s step-sister becoming Batwoman would have abandoned both the character and (as far as I know) the actress being LGBTQ+. And arguably making Batwoman straight would have possibly cost them some fans as many viewers especially lesbian/bisexual/etc females were drawn to the show as they would see themselves in the main character.

Sophie would have had Batwoman remaining a lesbian. So it would seem like the obvious answer. But I don’t know if the actress was gay herself. Not trying to push as it ultimately is not our business, but if she wasn’t that might have been the issue with making her character Batwoman. Although even if the actress is straight, good chance extenuating circumstances might have been enough for no one to hold that against them.

But I also think the show after the promotion they gave seasons 1 felt pressure to have the new Batwoman also be played by an out lesbian or bisexual actress.

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I’am Sad That They Canceled Bat Woman!
They Also Canceled Legends!

I Think Both Shows Should Have Been Brought Back!
They Still Were Interesting and Fun!
I Loved the Dynamic of Bat Woman and Bat Wing!

I Still Think Both Shows Were Fresh!
New Ideas and New Villains!
I’m Going Too Miss Them!

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In retrospect it was fairly obvious Batwoman was going to end in either season 3 or 4.

If anything, Batwoman focus on building up Kate Kane and Alice complicated relationship, had the best storyline in the show early on.
Season 2 undermine everything with Kate Kane being replaced by Ryan Wilder and basically alienate the already niche fan base with Alice and Jacob Kane being pointless characters thereafter.

Jacob leaving in season 2 and Alice, arguably the only reason why most fans stayed, unsurprisingly left in season 3. Sophie was the the worst, being just the primary love interest to Batwoman( Ryan and Kate) and other lesbian characters. It was pretty bad how Batwoman treated all supporting characters really.

The only real reason I stay watching was because Luke Fox Batwing was somebody who had been a genuine surprise to me on how much I actually like the character to get invested enough to read more about him in the comics. If Batwing got a spin-off tv show, I would be ecstatic for it. He got underutilized a lot and I would like to see him wear the suit often instead of it being conveniently removed from wearing it in Batwoman.

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I knew things were in trouble when they gave Alice a love interest in season 2. That whole subplot with her on the island with Safiyah and the memory loss took something away from the mystery/goals of the character. I was more than happy for Alice to simply have met Safiyah during the course of her criminal empire.

I tapped out after season 2 and from what I saw, season 3 wasn’t any better. I saw the ratings and it seemed like more and more people were tuning out as it went on.

Batwoman had a promising start. Between Ruby Rose leaving, stories that struggled to maintain momentum, a new lead and poor ratings, it’s a shame it couldn’t continue.

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I am certain there were people who liked the show and I feel bad for them. I know what it is like to lose a favorite show. Now I had to force myself to watched the first season through beginning to end because I had wanted to see the crossovers when the various Arrowverse shows merged to take on the badguys. I like Ruby Rose, she is a good actress. But she was wrong for the part. But as I said I watched it and when the second season began I felt I’d given it enough of my time. The acting on this show was never in question, I think the actors did a pretty good job. It was the storyline I had issues with. The writers tried to make the story their own and they failed. I think they should have been made to read the comic books before trying to write the script.

I definitely would’ve liked to have seen The Hook show up at some point. Let’s say Ruby Rose stuck around for a second season and they did a soft-revamp to where it was more like the comics. I can easily see her going up against the Medusa group.

That was probably never going to happen because the writers had their own direction they wanted to take. Still, it would’ve been nice to see.

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The biggest obstacle was apparently Ruby Rose. Reports stated how extremely difficult she was to work with. Also, I buy into that because why replace the lead on a series knowing it is an uphill battle replacing her and keeping viewers. I will say, Ryan was growing on me and it would have been nice to see more…

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I feel the worst for Rachel Skarsten. Alice was one of the bright spots of the show (weird to say given the character, I know) and now we won’t get to see more of where she could’ve gone.