batwoman (bat in the room)

I gotta say i like the way batwoman deals with not having batman. They say he mysteriously disappeared 3 years before the start of the show. That’s the best way to handle it because, while it still seems a bit out of character for batman, at least it’s not a REALLY dumb reason for him not beint there. And if they ever get to properly use him at all they can figure out an explanation then.

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I agree. I’m still concerned how they may answer that mystery or deal with his return. I hope they don’t treat him the way Supergirl treats Superman, but acknowledge that is my opinion.

Oh yeah i see what you mean. Personally, i like the way superman is handled on supergirl. At least for the most part. But i totally see your concern.

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They basically did the same thing with the Birds of Prey show, but even then, I don’t mind it here.

He’s just in the past. He got hit by Darkseid’s Omega beams and he’s in the past.

Just saw a video on YouTube, apparently Ruby was injured on set and had to have emergency back surgery in September. It seems like she’s going to be ok, but a second season is now up in the air