Batwoman and Supergirl

Great episodes so far for Batwoman and Supergirl


This week was an amazing week for these two shows.

Lex was superb. I love that we are getting a heavy hitter for Kara to take on. Now I pray that we get some really good fighting in Immortal Kombat between Kara and Rama and that the kryptonite doesn’t rob us from a Reign-level showdown.

Hush looked great! I really hope we are being teased with a coming crossover. I wonder if that book contains more than was being hinted considering Batmans history.

Pumped for next week!

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I totally agree.
I’m really wondering how Alice is going to get ahold of some kryptonite. Should be exciting!


They were both really good episodes, but Batwoman ruined it by bringing in Kryptonite. Did Lucius Fox get drunk one night and meant Superman instead of Batman? Unless Alice’s plan is to give Batwoman cancer, there’s no way for Kryptonite to be the only way to kill her. I’m pretty sure my understanding of DC history is well versed, so if there’s a story out there where Batman is weak to an alien space rock, please let me know. It doesn’t help that the season has had to be truncated so we won’t even get a satisfying conclusion to the season (much like Flash)

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If this the Batman playbook on how to bring down all the heroes if the need comes, maybe the kryptonite isn’t a tool to bring down the bat directly. Maybe it’s a way to bring down a kryptonian and putting the blame on the bat making it impossible to work ever again after destroying humanity’s defense against the big bads of the universe.

The problem with that is that, unlike the recent movies, Gotham & Metropolis are not touching each other, and neither are Gotham & National City for that matter. And there has been no indication that Alice even knows about Superman or Supergirl, or has been in close contact with Lex. They also literally JUST set up the Justice League which includes Batwoman, they’re not just going to write a storyline that banishes Batwoman from the face of justice and since Supergirl has another season, she’s not dying either.

Oh, no I don’t think that the plan would ultimately succeed. The kryptonians are most likely known to everyone on Earth, so Alice would know about them.

I just speculated in why she would want kryptonite. As you say, as a direct weapon against a bat it makes little sense, but in a larger playbook it could find a use via a kryptonian.

The only way I see it useful against a bat directly is if the suits were made by kryptonian materials like the El capes, but it feels weird. Luke would have had to know that when he made Kate’s suit.

I love Warner brothers is my favorite

The kryptonite is the only material that can easily penetrate the suit. They need to explain why this is, because it doesn’t really make sense. There was supposed to be a Batwoman/Supergirl crossover next season, which s probably what the were foreshadowing. But, with Rose gone and Mellisa on maternity leave, I’m kinda thinking that’s not happening. So they might have ended up writing themselves into a corner.