Battle of the DCU IPs Titans or Doom Patrol

So I got caught up on Doom Patrol. I have to say that this show far exceeds my expectations when it comes to story. I was more invested in Robot man as an MC than I was with Dick Grayson through out the entire season. After just two episodes, I feel like they are real people and not just plot devices. The sceens are bright, colorful and the mature content goes to enhance themes rather than just be brutal and vulgar because this isn’t on the CW and they can get away with it.

Titans wasn’t bad in my opinion, but it definitley was not good either. I feel like it was rushed out the door to launch this service and that Doom Patrol is a more developed product. From the script to the casting and even the edit. I was wondering what everyone else thought about the two originals on DCU and what people liked about them.


This is skewed perhaps by the fact that i didn’t like Titans entirely, but i think Doom Patrol is already a much more compelling series. And truthfully i found the characterizations of the titans (other than gar, jason todd, and donna) so unlikable

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I love Titans but am already into Doom Patrol much more because it’s a lot of fun while still having lots of emotions . Not much action like Titans amazing fight scenes but the storytelling is faster paced and just more interesting

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These reviews above definitely represent how I feel. Doom Patrol was nuanced, and full of emotion, and humor. Titans was really bad, I honestly don’t understand some of the direction choices. It felt like more of the overly dark tone that DC media has been mocked for. Titans was just not very fun to watch. Hopefully a second season rectifies some of these issues. D.P. is definitely far superior.

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Based on their DCU TV shows, I’m totally with the Doom Patrol.

Factoring in comics and other media appearances, the Titans (Teen, New Teen, Team, Terror and any other flavors) win by a longshot.


Titans. Titans all day for at least a few more episodes. Honestly the negative feedback the show seems to get is becoming baffling to me. I get that the show was tonally not what anyone was expecting, but what I don’t get are the character complaints, the costume complaints, the idea that the show was all dark and grim straight through with no comedy(it wasn’t) and all of that. I felt damned near everyone on the show was done well, I thought the show actually had a lot of pretty solid comic beats, I felt dick grayson was done nearly perfectly, and that this is why dick left batman in the first place, which is a question that gets asked both in the comics by characters and by fans a LOT. This is why he left, a constant fear that batman was one day gonna snap and become this, and that dick would end up falling too, tryng to save him.


Doom Patrol. It’s so confident and comfortable in its skin compared to Titans’ po-faced adolescent desperation to be taken seriously. It’s not afraid to have fun, which in my opinion elevates it even above the source comics.


Titans over Doom Patrol.

I am not going to knock Doom Patrol, I will just say it is not of my preference is style and story. We are all allowed to like different things here. :wink:

I do see potential for some very good episodes of Doom Patrol to show up, that I will like, but we have not reached that point yet.

Titans is slower to develop its story, but it is every bit as deep a show as Doom Patrol is. It is just not rushing as much to get to the deeper aspects of the overall story. I also suspect that some people are not reading between the lines enough, with Titans, to see where things are going. They are too focused on the imagery, and not seeing the bigger picture and potential.

I do feel that Titans was cut short of a full season, and this does detract from the story. More people needed another two episodes to see what was really going on.

The focus has been on character development, in inches per hour, not in miles per second. I am okay with that. The style of this show is more to my liking than the style of Doom Patrol, which is moving at miles per second, overloading the senses of those who like to have time to absorb things in moderation.


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Big comic Titan fan. Love the Wolfman/Perez comics. Was beyond hype to see them in live action…the results were mixed. They weren’t confidant in their main characters and it ended up hardly being a Titans show. More of a Grayson angst fest. Like what the hell was the point of that crap finale?

Doom Patrol has been a complete delight. Hope Titans fixes their crap and learns from them


I will agree that Titans has potential and that DCU is going for different audiences between series. Some like fast paced and others not so much. There were several high points in Titans that I enjoyed and that I hope they can continue. I’m not expecting them to cater to me, but there was alot of set up and little pay off. If there was two more episodes than I can see some resulution and a final team come together. That would have made it more rewarding to get an ending, rather than a cliff hanger(I know they need to bait us into season two, but just not as drastic). I do think it has potential to be a really good show, just going slow paced with less than 15 episodes seems like it was missing out on alot.

I’m liking the view points and my outlook has change somewhat for certain things, so thanks to everyone for responding. Maybe we get a few more outlooks on this. Thanks for sharing guys, this really is a great and chill community.

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