Batman's Cowl NFT

Some cool stuff included in here but I have no experience with NFT’s and how they work. Anyone got insight to lend or already purchased one of these?


From what I understand, an NFT is basically the rights to have a copy of the pure, raw, authentic version of that image or content. The only issue is that if a person wants their own copy of that image or content from the original source, it costs a lot than it probably should. Granted, the artist and company can make money bags from it, but is a person going to spend about $300 for an image that they are going to only see/have digitally?

There are also various problems that could arise, as everything that involves human and digital error does, but when something goes wrong, it could be a big deal.

Again, this is the simple down version that was explained to me. There is a lot more to it, in fact some people who are apart of companies that are doing NFTs don’t even understand them, they are just doing what they’re told to do from their big bosses.

It should also be noted that there are a lot of people who are strongly against NFTs such as voice actors, artists, and dozens of fans online. It is to the point where people will share online which companies are doing them and how to boycott them, or if you’re a voice actor or artist who’s involved in a project and stuck in a contract on how to properly and professionally get out of it and leave… it is a very big deal to most people.

Some people are all for them (especially if you want to make money), and there are some who are artists and/or fans who absolutely hate them and those who push for them.

I mean, look at the Batman Cowl NFT for example, how much does it cost just for something you are going to own online? Is it worth it to only own it online? How would you feel if this was a physical collectable that you could custom order and put it on your collection shelf? Would it be worth the price then? After looking at the additional things that are included for buying this NFT, is it really really worth it?

These are questions that you have to consider when it comes to NFTs, and why there are so many people, myself included, who absolutely hate them.


NFT’s are like a modern day version of buying a plot on the moon or a name of a star.
People need something to spend their money on.
And other people are more than willing to provide them something to spend it on.


You, too, can own a cowl like this, just in 3D (I assume).

For $300.

Or… you could buy a signed copy of your favorite comic instead. Maybe two, even.


Getting to be involved in the creation of a comic sounds cool and I LOVE collectible stuff but I don’t know enough about these and how to use them to their fullest for it to be worth the $300 investment.

Is this something I could potentially sell down the line and thus use it as an investment?



The idea behind NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is that an artist can create a digital work of art that would be unique and can’t be duplicated. It also could provide a partial payment if the digital item is resold. This benefits both the original artist and the owner of the digital art.


NFTs are based on block chain technology that is used in Cryptocurrency. Block chain is basically a long equation that cannot be solved or unlocked so Cryptocurrency can’t be counterfeited. This requires a lot of computing power which requires a lot of energy which produces a lot of green house gasses which is bad for Mother Earth and increases global warming.

Can a digital piece of art bring as much joy as a physical pie of art? That’s for you to decide. I don’t understand it, but I’m old.


Or you buy three Batman cowls off Etsy that you know, actually exist! And you can wear.


Bad for the environment, but good if you’re into laundering money.


I love the technology. I was thrilled to be able to mint one. I am excited about the reveal.
Life consumed us a bit last year & we missed FanDome… Holy Bat Cowl Robin :harley_eyebrowhqtas: was I speechless when I saw that I totally missed out completely. Wah Wah :poison_undercoverhqtas: I am not going to get into the pro/cons of the tech & communities. I am thankful. I think everyone’s experiences in life affect, shape, & effect their ideals, morals, & values. One of my communities motto is: “Diversity, Inclusion, Community” & so far it has been very positive for me. :00_swamp_thing: in the same manner that this community of my :00_dc_pride_as: SuperFanFriends is a happy, kind, enjoyable community - I have missed you! :clayface_handhqtas:


Glad you got one - very cool! Enjoy all the perks and fun stuff that you’ll have access to in the coming years. Let us know which Gotham District you get assigned to as well.

I’d join you in the ownership of a Bat Cowl but $300 is outside my budget. I’ll live vicariously through you and the other owners.

Man almighty I am struggling to not buy one of these. I could afford the $300 but it would be at the expense of things I actually need in real life so I have to pass but I keep seeing ads for them and the desire to get one gets stronger and stronger.


Don’t give in food Is more important then a 3D render of a Batman cowl.


Ha! It’s not that dire but I appreciate it.

It’s not a debate between a Batman NFT and shelter, food, water, transportation, clothing or electricity here. $300 is a lot and while it would be cool to have and be part of the fun for the coming months and years I’ll survive without it just fine. But they’ve done a good job of marketing this thing and making me want it.

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I must ask respectfully, what actual use would you have for this thing?


It’s FOMO (fear of missing out). That’s all it is but that’s a real thing and companies know it and play upon it.

Here are the things that make me want to get in on this:

  • Integrated storytelling
    “In the future, Bat Cowl holders will be able to vote on key aspects of a comic including storyline, characters and art to help drive the ongoing narrative of the Bat Cowls. In addition to exclusive access to future NFT drops Bat Cowl holders that vote on the Bat Cowl comic will receive exclusive art and behind-the-scenes content throughout the creation of the comic.”

I love the idea of being a part of the creation of a DC Comic and having input on what characters appear, where the story goes and how the art looks. If they just offered THAT for $300 it might be worth it if there weren’t the potential for my vote to be one of 200,000, which is the number of Bat Cowls they are making. If I was in a smaller group that had more influence I’d be in for that alone but as it stands this would be like voting for governor in Wyoming. Yes, you have a vote but no, your vote isn’t going to be very influential.

The exclusive art and behind-the-scenes content is very intriguing. I like the idea of having artwork that is not available to any/every one and the behind-the-scenes content of how a comic series or book gets made would be interesting and fun.

The “exclusive access to future NFT drops” is just another way of saying “in the future we’ll let you give us even more of your money” and is off-putting. If I’m investing $300 to be an original minting partner in this I should get future NFTs, not just have access to buy more of them.

  • New features and upgrades every 52 days

This is obviously very vague and open-ended but the potential is there for some cool stuff at FanDome, for future movie/TV releases, for future comic book releases, etc. and I would only have access to that if I had one of these.

  • Exclusive products, collectibles and experiences

Again, this is vague and again, it’s FOMO. I am a sucker for anything “exclusive” or “limited edition” so whenever these get announced I’m going to want to be in on them and the only way to be in on them is to have one of these.

  • Private Fan Forum
    “DC Bat Cowls will unlock access to private fan forums where holders can engage with each other and worth together to solve puzzles and access exclusive content.”

There’s that word again, “exclusive” and once again my FOMO is triggered. Whatever that is I want to be a part of it even though I suspect that fan forum would be the equivalent of a ghost town more often than not.

The potential to see my Bat Cowl in a DC comic would be fun and cool. Would anyone other than me know it’s mine? No. Would it mean anything to anyone else? No. But would I light up with glee upon seeing my Bat Cowl in a DC comic panel? Absolutely.

  • Snapchat Lens
    “Bat Cowl holders will be able to activate their unique Bat Cowl within Snapchat and showcase their fandom on their social pages.”

I’m a 48-year old man. I am not a Snapchat user nor will I ever be one. I have no interest in using an app to make it look like I’m wearing a Bat Cowl and then sharing that with my co-workers, family, friends and others on social media. But for those that use Snapchat - knock yourselves out.

Ultimately there’s far too much uncertainty for me to get involved. It’s also a commitment to buy more stuff down the line. “Access to exclusive products, collectibles and experiences” and “exclusive access to future NFT drops” means more things I need to buy. I also suspect that the “new features and upgrades every 52 days” will be underwhelming if sales of these are not strong and the fan reaction isn’t strong as well. If they don’t sell all 200,000 (which is doubtful but good for them if they do as that’s essentially a free $60 million for DC and Palm NFT Studio to split) and if the fan reaction/engagement is not strong - what then?

I’m leaning towards passing on this but have until 11:59pm PT on May 2nd to decide. That’s when the initial minting begins and all of this starts in earnest. If it’s really cool and fun and people are having a blast with it I’ll kick myself but if not then I’ll be glad I spent that $300 on the projects that need doing around the house, in my garden, etc.

If anyone does buy this, though, please let us know how it goes and what it all ends up being. I’m very interested and hope you have a blast with it and that I regret passing up on this opportunity.


If one wants to affect the outcome of a comic, finding a few other people willing to dole up $300 and commissioning an artist is the way go.

Unless you buy votes for some $10 million you’re not really going to have much more influence than someone without an NFT. Let’s say you want the popular outcome - well then you don’t need any NFTs at all. You want to change the outcome to a nonpopular one, you need some serious voting leverage. At $300 a pop you might as well buy a Washington politician to wrangle DC. :joy:


Took part in the Ask Me Anything the Bat Cowl had tonight on Twitter and they sold me on this. The NFT is just the key to the door of all the stuff that this will entail and Warner Bros./DC are very invested in this. Yes, you get a 3D cowl but that’s just a decoration. The access you’ll have to future events is truly what you’re buying.

They assured me that you don’t have to buy anything more beyond this original investment and that there will be additional NFTs given to you down the line that you can sell on the secondary market. You can also sell this as well should you choose to.

They also assured me that there’s already the finances in place for this to be a full 2-3 year journey, if not longer. Their road map is in place and both Palm NFT and DC seem genuinely invested in this. They have to make this work if they want to do more of this in the future so I’m convinced they will do what they can to make sure those of us that get involved are satisfied customers.

I’m excited to be a part of this and to see where it takes me. NFTs and all of this is a brand new technology to me and I’m excited to get involved and learn more about it while also having a new way to explore DC content and comics. Can’t wait to see what Knightwatch District I get assigned to and what they have planned for us!

I’m getting one!

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Nice! Look forward to experiencing all of this with you!

Bat Cowl Owners:

Anyone else get one?

Batman has assigned me to patrol the Financial District.

District: Financial District

Locations: Cathedral Square, Port Adams, City Hall District

Digit: 5

Though Old Gotham has all the famous skyscrapers, the Financial District of Gotham City is where most of the new rich of Gotham do their business. Its spiderweb of streets has forced architects to make due with odd angles so that the character of the buildings is far from uniform. Some say it has “character,” while others call it a mess. Cathedral Square is just above it and, as one of the most visible icons of Gotham with its gothic structure and gargoyles, is frequently used for campaign stops, parades, and other civic activities. City Hall itself is just a little further east but few people want to associate themselves with that part of the city, given the rampant corruption of most of the city’s history.

For Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 6! Batman has designated you to patrol the Financial District. Port Adams, Cathedral Square, and the City Hall District are the biggest locales within your boundary. Take care to stand vigil over smaller shops, as well: supervillains get the headlines when they encase a skyscraper in a sheet of ice, but petty criminals make up 90% of the crime in Gotham. Report any activity within your sector and make sure to help other Bat Factions when they need it.

Putting on my newly minted Bat Cowl and reporting for duty!

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