Is there a certain order that I should watch the Batman movies? Is there a list of them in order?

For the Burton/Schumacher films, it’s Batman (1989),Batman Returns (1992),Batman Forever (1995), and Batman and Robin(1997). As much as the last two films aren’t the best in terms of Batman, it does follow the same continuity as the first two films.

For the Nolan films, it’s Batman Begins (2005), Batman Gotham Knight (I kinda considered it canon, but that’s your choice whether or not to watch it), The Dark Knight (2008), and the Dark Knight Rises (2012).

@andybonilla0116.2140, Batman Forever was really good. Why you hating?


Oh, I don’t hate it. On the contrary, I really love this movie just like I love the other movies, including the DCEU films.


Batman returns is my favorite


Don’t forget the Adam West Batman movie, Batman: The Movie.