Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #3 (12/22/20) Spoilers ahead

:diamonds: BOOK THREE:

Harley and the GTO seize an opportunity to investigate the Starlet’s failed murder attempt. When the survivor offers a startling revelation about Agent Hector Quimby, the team acts quickly on the intel (and a handful of colorful clues) to interrogate an inconvenient new suspect. Harley’s fears are realized when she makes a chilling discovery that reminds her of The Joker’s worst obsessive behaviors—a development that casts light on new suspicions and conflicts of interest, and threatens to compromise the whole case.

:diamonds:If you’ve read it (or plan to soon) and wish to discuss, drop your thoughts below when you’re ready! :open_book:

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Ps. Your eyes do not deceive you: I used a variant cover! :diamonds::black_heart: This is the main (no text):


Okay I read Three and it was okay, I liked the first 2 more but was still good. Actually, I also finished 4 since I got the notice it was ready right after. I liked it more but doesn’t mean 3 was bad, just a fast read. Kinda sucks it’s past the half-way point but can’t wait to see how it ends. Am I allowed to talk about it more or am I supposed to be quiet about it still?


Hey @ejdias.95910! I agree it was a little slower than the previous 2 issues. I chalk it up to necessary set up. There was a quiet little moment I liked, where Harley asks Sophia to show off her knife throwing skills. Made me smile. :smirk: Hell of a cliffhanger on this one, I thought. Creeper in the closet!!! And that bedroom :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t trust him now.

I was just about to read #4 when it comes up and make a thread for it. I’ll add “spoilers” to the topic title of both this thread and the rest if you’d like to talk more. :diamonds::black_heart: I’ll be here for it. I’m just gonna use the blur too, over certain details.


Right on, I just wasn’t sure what to discuss. Felt like some Mommy Dearest stuff going on but I may be wrong in my comparison/example. I think you’ll like 4, it has a good joke in it. Well, maybe not, just my sense of humor. I know what you mean by set up and that should have occurred to me.

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No worries, I added the warning up top, so you can be as detailed as you want! :fist:

I really liked this Gray Ghost scene (cannot say enough good things about the artwork). The crimes/motives aren’t clear at this point, either, so it made for a nice bit of suspense.

And this exchange was refreshing, a far better take on “but he needs me!” :joy: And poking Bats in the chest, followed by a quick one-liner— I approve.

And then…WHAT is going on w/ Quimby’s old bedroom?! Stalker? No, thats too easy. His moms a real piece of work. :neutral_face: . I might have a theory brewing, but I’ll save it for after #4.


Okay, can’t wait to see what you come up with.