Batman: White Knight Presents HARLEY QUINN #1

The Joker is dead, Bruce Wayne is behind bars…and Gotham City is just starting to redefine itself without Batman. As Harley Quinn struggles to adjust to her new life as the mother of Jack Napier’s twins, an elusive mastermind called the Producer seizes the moment to assemble a crew of villains—starting with the Starlet, a serial killer who murders Gotham’s golden age film stars in homage to their silver screen roles. When a recent, gruesome crime scene suggests a connection to The Joker, the GTO, and FBI agent Hector Quimby turn to Harley as the one person with information that could crack the case. With some help from Bruce, Harley agrees to investigate—but to protect her children and her city from a fatal final act, Harley must flirt with madness and confront her own past.

Feel free to express you excitement for this book or to talk about how much you’re enjoying reading it. but please don’t begin any spoiler conversations until Saturday, 10/24/2020.

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read it yesterday, I liked it. Big fan of the WKverse. I know this is by his wife but Murphy’s Harley is the first take on her since Timm and Dini that I like (well I love Marini’s version but that’s its own thing).


It was really interesting – much like White Knight, it takes what we know about the character, flip things almost completely around, and yet still feels true to the core of her character.


Wow, this has been interesting. Interesting to see how the characters have evolved/matured over the years or how they interact in this vein of the DC universe, I’m not sure but I like where it’s going. I’m upset that it seemed like such a fast read but it’ll give me time to go back and read what led up to this point which I should have done when I read this was coming out.


I enjoyed it!
This particular universe is really growing on me!

Being a single parent who was a hot mess when my kids were one and two I really related to Harley’s particular personal struggle. It’s always nice to relate characters.

This back cover was SUPER AWESOME:


I’ve been stacking Joker War and with Batgirl #50 coming out this week I’ll finally be able to start reading it. So far I’ve been able to avoid any and all Spoilers other than solid confirmations that this is the story that will solidify Harley as a Hero. SUPER excited!!! Especially after seeing her being shown with all the other Heroes in this image for Future State:

I’m pretty stoked for this series as well as the future of Harley Quinn!


Hey @hashtag-goodtobejo, did you happen to read book #2 yet? Just wondering what your thoughts were.