Batman Vs TMNT Discussion

Even though the new animated Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn’t going to be here on DCU any time soon, I thought it’d be nice to have a discussion thread for it. (Mods: if I somehow missed an already existing thread, please feel free to banish this one.)

My thoughts: Absolutely fantastic. Again, DC Animation knocks it out of the park, both exceeding and subverting my expectations. Stunning fight choreography, surprising twists and perfect character work. Great dialogue voiced by talented actors. The story was based on the first B/TMNT mini-series, but I’ve not read it yet, so I’m not sure how closely it hewed to the original. If only I’d realized that James Tynion IV was involved, I’d have added it to my list sooner!

I just can’t say enough good things about this movie. I had pretty low expectations going in, but it really surprised me, hitting me right in the feels with a balance of humor and action and…

… gah, I sound like the lovechild of a gushing fanboy and a marketing campaign.

Just see it. It’s worth your time.

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Is there a date set yet?

It came out on BluRay/DVD today. Two or three weeks ago digitally.

It won’t be showing up on DCU any time soon, if that’s your question. :disappointed_relieved:

I watched it last night it was probably one of best crossover I’ve seen.
My favorite moments were Donnie and Batgirl making the retro mutagen,Leonardo beating ra’s, and Batman vs shredder round one and two


Finally got a chance to watch it. It was worth the buy, because if I had the movie when I was a kid it would have been on repeat for sure.

The animation style lets the movie stand on its own while still being familiar. The characters have good dialog that doesn’t seem forced. And there are some genuinely funny moments.

I hope it does well, cuz I would really like to see a sequel.

I LOVED it!!
So funny. I was really surprised with the violence that was shown when they attacked the guards at Arkham. They did a great job slipping in fan service jokes as well.great end credit run with the adaption of the old comic covers.

I thought it was amazing! First off, the run time is like an hour and a half which surprised the hell out of me. You certainly get your money’s worth! The animation style took a while to get used to, but once you get to the first fight, you don’t know notice it all.

I was happy they went with the alternate ways to say Ra’s Al Ghul. I’m partial to “Raysh” as that’s what I was raised on and that’s what Denny O’Neil told me at a signing. Also, how cool is it that we get Ra’s and Shredder teaming up in animation. Seeing both organizations together made the child within happy as those were my favorites growing up.

The fight choreography was amazing. Both Batman vs Shredder fights felt like they had weight to them. Whoever animated those scenes should be proud.

Is it me or did Baxter Stockman sound like Jeff Goldblum. If that was intentional then my hat is off to them for that joke.

The mutated inmates are Arkham were kind of cool. I was worried that was going to dominate the movie, but it ended up being a small section. It worked in small doses. Plus, how they “dealt” with Poison Ivy was hilarious.

The best line for me was Mikey saying “Leave some for the rest of us!” I was cracking up at that part.

This was a wonderful surprise. I hope they do more.