Batman vs TMNT discussion/appreciation thread..

Thoughts/opinions on the film?

Note: Yes, it’s unlikely to show up on DCU anytime soon because it’s a joint collaboration between Nic & DC Animated and there are contracts and all that. Hey, it’s how the world works. So let’s avoid the DCU “when is it getting here/why isn’t here” thang.


I must confess,it exceeded my expectations. Which to be fair weren’t all that high.

The animation style is more Nic/TMNT than classic DC Animated.

It had a slightly lighter vibe than most Batman DC Animated, which, in and of itself I think was refreshing. It’s nice to see that Bats is still a versatile character that can work in not quite so heavy faire.

Interesting to see Raphael being the conduit between bats and his brothers.

The biggest surprise is that Damien wasn’t a snotty little bleep. The first time I’ve seen Damien in something and didn’t want to slap him senseless.

While in a sense predictable, the interplay between Alfred and Michelangelo was fun.

Leo going after Ras and Batman squaring off bs Shedder was fun to see. The point counterpoint between Batgirl & Donatello had good points and again led to some lightheartedness without being overly comedic.

While I think Hush (Which has a 9 minute plug in the extras), will likely resonate with more classical DC/Batman fan base, I think.

Also the remixed covers of classic Batman & TMNT threaded throughout the end credits was a nice touch. Very well thought out.

For what it was and how to integrate two very different comic book worlds. It did a very good job. If you are expecting a “Batman” movie or a “TMNT” Movie, it’s not either of those. But, going in to it without preconceptions of what it should be and letting it engulf you in what it is. It’s a pretty good, fun, and entertaining movie.

That’s my opinion.

What’s yours?

I wouldn’t say it exceeded my expectation. It was a pleasant viewing experience. It was light but also had good action. It wasn’t anything special though. Similar to the books in that regard.

I enjoyed it. I liked all the universe jokes/references. I thought the Arkham battle went on a bit too long, and I liked the comic book moment of understanding between Raphael and Batman better. Overall, I’m glad I bought it and hope we see more team ups.

Watching it now. Actually enjoying it! I like the guy voicing Batman. And Tara as harley is ALWAYS welcome.

Is the Robin Damian?

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If memory serves, there is one reference to it, and I think it’s a bit of a “throw away” line. But, it would imply that Robin is indeed Damien.

Hard to imagine because it’s the only Damien I have wanted to slap for being a self-entitled little snot. I was quite shocked that it was Damien.