Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I was wondering does anyone know if this movie will be available here on DC Universe. I really hope so


I hope so too, I think it would be a cool movie to watch.

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I think the major issue with Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming to the DCU when it comes out is that it’s a joint production with Nickelodeon.


I doubt it will be.

Usually it takes time for new movies to come on to here.

The new animated movies have been added the same day as the physical release. I still think the issue with BM vs TMNT being added will be the fact it’s a co production.

On a side note I do wonder if it would be a boost to the DCU if the new movies were added the same day as the digital release date?

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@gibby i hope u know that it will be on here bc they’re doing the same format with these new movies they release it on dvd and then a week or 2 later they put it on here they did it with reign of the Superman and JL v F5

The new releases were added the same day as the DVD, Blu Ray and 4K were released. The digital release was two maybe three weeks earlier.

I mean that will be cool, we shall see what happens. Hopefully they add it on release :slight_smile:

The “On DCU the same day and date as the physical media release” rule has so far only applied to movies from the DC Universe Original Movie line.

The Batman/Turtles movie is not part of that line, so if it ends up on DCU, I imagine it might be sometime after the physical home video release.


This comes out tomorrow for those interested in purchasing it. Available for preorder on Amazon right now.