Batman vs. Superman

Who wins in a fight! Batman or Superman! Begin!!!

Batman all the way

Batman, nuff said.


The Caped Crusader - all day every day in my opinion

There is simply only one scenario where Batman wins, if he has kryptonite. If Batman doesn’t have access to it, then Superman wins every time

I dislike this question. Why is it always asked? If both are acting in character, there is no fight. They’re allies. I prefer to leave it at that.

If they aren’t acting in character, the demands of the story and the inclinations of the writer will determine the variables (i.e., yellow or red sunlight and the presence or absence of kryptonite), and therefore the outcome.

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If supes went out of the gate no holds barred for sure he would win.
His problem would be underestimating batman and batman is so intelligent that he will find a way to win if he has time to plan using his mastery of strategy

Batman admits that if Clark really wanted to he could use his super speed and power to kill him, but batman also says Clark won’t. I think there’s your answer.

Give Batman 6 months, he can beat anybody. In a straight up brawl, unless Batman has Kryptonite on him right then and there, Superman wins hands down.

It would always end in a tie.

Some people say that if Superman went all out he would easily win, but I say what about batman, he never goes all out due to his fear of killing and if superman doesn’t want to kill batman he has to be super careful since hes probably mathmatically 1 billion times stronger than batman comparing some of their feats which is why superman always wins, I think out of ten times Batman wins 8, i think that might be high to some people, but Batman always has a contingency plan on him, people say he’s worthless without prep time, and to those people I say he doesn’t need any for someone like superman, since superman really is batman’s biggest fear for heroes turning rouge, he always has a plan for Superman going rouge. As i was saying, if they were both brainwashed to go 100% and ravenously try to kill each other I pick superman 5 times and batman 5 times because at the end of the day superman can bench press earth and hold black holes in his hand, making him of god level strength, and is extremely fast, however Batman is just far smarter, a greater fight, and a better tactician than supes will ever be

Obviously Superman. I say that while having Batman as my favorite hero. There’s simple reasoning behind this. If you just look at what they’re capable of and put them in a fair fight, the answer is obvious. If you’re going to put Batman in these theoretical battles against high powered adversaries, it’s a waste of time unless you say Batman has prep time. That’s the only way he can beat people like Superman, and that doesn’t really count as Batman’s abilities. Lots of characters can take down other characters with prep. So there’s no point in just saying “Batman vs Superman”. Batman is literally just supposed to be as amazing as a human can be. So when you say “Batman vs:”, you’re just saying “perfect human vs:”. It’s much simpler when you look at it that way. Most of these fights also depend on authors though. If it’s Batman’s story, he’ll most likely win via prep and quick thinking if the opponent is one he cannot physically outmatch.

Basically, Superman obviously wins. Batman CAN win. If he preps properly. But if you just want to say “who would win in a straight up fight”, Batman loses against anyone that’s superhuman unless they can be outmatched by a peak human with high skill like Batman.