Batman vs spiderman !

This is my city. This is Gotham! Drawn by me. Thought I’d share !


Wow. That is… unusually violent.


Great Work! Is that a bat cookie or batarang?


I like the way the bat symbol is done in the background with the clouds :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!

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THAT’S AWESOME :bat::sunglasses::sunglasses::bat:


Not bad! I like the effort to make the work three dimensional. You can feel that Spider-Man is at the forefront and Batman is looming behind him. I’d say definitely keep going – look at real life people, observe how they work proportionately, maybe read up on some art books, anything by Andrew Loomis is a great place to start.

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I’m going to move this over to the Fan Creation section, but wanted to say thank you for sharing this! It’s a lovely job and so well done, @chilybilly87! :slight_smile:


this image gives the impression that Batman is physically stronger than Spider-man, using only one hand to hold Spider-man down. This is just unrealistic, Spider-man has the proportional strength of a spider, the only way Batman could hold Spider-man would be using a special technique that one of his eastern masters taught him. Also Spider-man is most likely faster than Batman, the only way that I can see this exact image happening is if Batman uses multiple gadgets to bombard Spider-mans “spider-sense” allowing him to get this close. The story is just not doing it for me, but the art looks good, also Spider-man was 5’5 when he first started and around 5’8-5’10 (depending on the universe peter is from 616 or 1616) when he is an adult, considering that Batman is 6’4 maybe try to incorporate their size difference if you depeict them fighting again.

This has so much life for being a “black and white” pencil sketch! The exaggerated proportions are really effective and add to the action between the two heroes. I love the expressions and use of shading. Great job, @chilybilly87! Thank you for sharing!