Batman vs. Robin | Comic Trailer! Available September 13th 2022

Spinning out of the events of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest and Shadow War, Batman vs. Robin will battle in one of the most earth-shattering tales ever, told in five 48-page issues. The generational matchup begins this September!

Are you excited for this epic battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! :point_down:


Prior to World’s Finest #5, Batman vs. Robin was going to be a DCUI read for me.

After World’s Finest #5, though? Waid sucked me in and I’ll be at the comic store on Day One for Batman vs. Robin #1 (and for the remaining issues as well).

This Joshua Middleton piece is my favorite cover for #1:

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It’ll have to be real interesting. I’m trying to learn to like Damian.

Bring it!!!