Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul

Neal Adams is writing and drawing the above mentioned upcoming six-issue mini-series, which will be part of the Year of the Villain festivities.

The first issue, along with a reprint edition of Batman #232 (Ra’s first appearance) will be released on August 21st.



Didn’t we already have a year of villains? That promotion seems really familiar. Perhaps it reminds me of Forever Evil and those monthly villains take over the covers thing they did a decade ago.

Otherwise, I’m always up for more good stories.

That was Villains Month in September of 2013. Similar to Zero Month the year before.

I’ll probably read this series. Right now, I’m planning on reading everything for YOTV as it comes out. Hopefully that amount of content can stay at an affordable level.

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I forgot about the month of villains in New 52. That’s probably what I was half-remembering. There was another promotion called Faces of Evil I think a bit further back.

Yep, Faces of Evil took place in January of '09.

Speaking of faces, there’s also the Faces of the DC Universe promo from October 1997 (for books cover dated December '97) where a character’s face served as the cover of that month’s issue. Most of those covers are neat, but the cover of Detective Comics #716 is well, not.