Batman vs Ironman

Alright, I know this topic is probably very old by now but I would love to hear more opinions. Every DC fan I’ve spoken to is either unsure or favors Batman and every Marvel fan I’ve spoken to deems Ironman the victor, indisputably.

With Batman being my favorite superhero of all time I may be biased but I do my best to pool all available information when making a fair decision. For me, however, when people say “If Ironman had” he’s already lost. My logic is that Batman is Batman. I’ve never heard anyone say “If Batman had” because when you hear his name you already know he has it with him or at least on standby. You could say the same applies to Ironman but the fact that some say “If” negates his victory because “If” dosen’t carry a guarantee. Thoughts?

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In before ye olde “Prep Time” assertion.

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Batman’s more trained as a fighter, but from what my friends have told me it seems like Iron Man’s suit is really powerful regardless of which version he has (exactly how pretty powerful does depend on the version though). If Tony Stark in the comics is anything like the movies, than I’d say that Batman and him have about equal intelligence. So if we assume that:

1.)They don’t know they will be fighting until they do (eliminate prep time on both sides)
2.)The have equal intelligence
3.)Batman’s stronger, but Iron Man has technology that enhances his strength

I’d say that Batman would probably still win, but certainly not easily. Iron Man could probably put up a good fight.

The main reason I’m saying that is because Iron Man’s strength, unlike Batman’s, can be taken away from him.

Straight up fight-Iron Man wins because of the suit. Both have time to plan and then fight Batman because no suit. I’d be more intrigued by a Batman v. Daredevil tete-a-tete.

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Iron Man’s armor is heavily resistant to damage, loaded with damage, and enhances his strength to a superhuman degree. Batman thrives on stealth and long-term strategy. In a spur-of-the-moment 1v1 fight, Iron Man has a huge advantage.

That said, neither character’s combat ability is necessarily anything special for their respective settings, so I don’t think this kind of fight really proves anything about them. Mentally, Tony Stark is a brilliant scientist and engineer but Bruce Wayne has the superior tactical and strategic mind. I think if you gave them each a week to take the other down by any means necessary, Tony would spend most of it building a high-tech Batbuster suit which would totally own Bats if he got a chance to use it, but Batman would just break into his house and kidnap him while he’s sleeping long before the suit was done.

Gah, I meant to say “loaded with weapons,” not “loaded with damage.”