Batman Vs. Green Arrow

If Batman and Green arrow had the same exact training who would when?

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I know it may not be considered canon lore but…

The CW version of Arrow is interesting to me because Oliver has had training from:

Yao Fei Gulong
Dark Archer
League Of Shadows

That’s 5 very different types of training.

However, Batman having training from the league, mixed martial arts, the court of owls, Deathstroke and possibly Alfred, my vote might be for Batman.

Gadgets don’t mean a thing because they’re knowledge and experience in gadgetry and science has always been about even. Anything the Bat has in his utility belt, Oliver has in his quiver.

Batman has 3 rides. The Arrow usually just rides a bike.

My vote goes to Batman but it would be nearly even. Then again, I think CW Oliver is afraid of Batman, he won’t even admit he’s real and nearly freezes up when Barry even mentions him.

I chuckled at the fearful chatter when Batwoman told Green Arrow, Flash, Vibe, Killer Frost and Supergirl to get out of Gotham. They were all scared of her even though they are 5 and she is one. I couldn’t imagine the horror on their face if Batman showed up XD

Also, Oliver is considered cold to his team-mates because he has killed mercilessly but Batman has less emotion and has not broke his code to kill. Which is more dangerous? This makes a huge difference in the mental stability of the warrior in battle.