Batman vs. Doomsday

Do you think Batman could defeat Doomsday?
I think it’s pretty well established that Batman can defeat Superman given enough prep time and the right materials, and Superman can defeat Doomsday (its kind of a tie), but does that mean Batman could given enough prep time?

I don’t think he could.
The main reason he could defeat Superman is because Superman is a good person and has no intention to kill, therefore Superman would be holding back. Doomsday, on the other hand, has full intention to kill and no reason to hold back


To beat Doomsday, he would have to kill him. So, no.

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Doomsday would be impossible for him to defeat, especially since he can’t take him on in close quarter combat. Since Doomsday is a unstoppable, unrelenting killing machine that never gets tired, he wouldn’t be able to last long since Batman is still human.

However that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for ways on how to beat Doomsday. Recently, the DC Metahuman Anatomy book was released, and it featured Doomsday. So this book is treated as something that Batman has put together while studying different different characters (hero and villains), and theorizing on how their powers work and looking into ways on how to beat them. And again, Doomsday is in this book, and one of the theories that he has on beating Doomsday would be to use the Mother Box, where he throws Doomsday into a Boom Tube, and in the process where he’s in the part where he’s somewhat traveling to the destination, would be to manipulate they pathway where instead Doomsday molecules get all scrambled to the point where it’s in a constant state of flux and disorientation that they don’t rematerialize. And this in a way would go on forever.

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One on One I think Batman would have a hard time defeating Doomsday, even his Superman fighting armor wouldn’t help him much. You said that Batman would have enough prep time though, in that prep time Batman could assembly a team that could take down Doomsday. Also, like thebluedragon said, Batman has been studying metahuman physiology and could have found a weakness.

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