Batman Virus Storyline?

There were one or two storylines back in the late 90s that had to do with Gotham being hit with some form of epidemic. I know it ran across multiple books, and I think I remember one storyline was about it being contained to a tower, the other was trying to contain/cure it in Gotham.

Does anybody know if this was collected, or what they were called? I’m pretty sure one was called Contagion…


I’m not sure, but it sounds super interesting. This is a job for @HubCityQuestion! (If he is up for it…)

Yup! It was called Batman: Contagion. Here’s a full reading list:

Batman: Contagion (1996)

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #48

Detective Comics #695

Robin #27

Catwoman #31

Azrael #15

Batman #529

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #49

Detective Comics #696

The Batman Chronicles #4

Catwoman #32

Azrael #16

Robin #28


Was it only one storyline though? I could have sworn it was two ,but then I may be remembering it as a two part collected edition

Well, Contagion was part of a group of storylines. This was the one explicitly about a virus, but there were related stories such as Legacy and Cataclysm which ultimately led into No Man’s Land.


That’s it! I was remembering the group of storylines, thanks! I just remember that it seemed to be a lot because it was crossing over virtually all of the bat books at the time.

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In other words, Contagion led to the greatest event in the history of comics? Thanks Contagion!



I just put the main story on my reading list.
Legacy consists of (from internet)
Catwoman 33-35, Bane of the Demon 1-4, Shadow of the Bat 53, Batman 533
Main Story
Detective 700, Catwoman 36, Robin 32, Shadow of the Bat 54, Batman 534, Tec 701, Robin 33,
Tec 702 and a Bane one shot.

Batman vs a Virus oh thats very timely , we could use Bats right now on this case

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Wow you’re smart.

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Well we all knew that. He has threads dedicated to getting at the info in his head. So far we haven’t gotten very far past the fedora…

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