DC universe is the one place I can speak of my love for this movie wouldn’t mind seeing more live action movies :eyes: DC universe live action is lacking


My blu-ray extended version is better.

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Mine too but always watch it when I see it on TV

This means it could be on this service by next year, possibly.

It’s on TV alot man of steel came out in 2013

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Batman V Superman is the best DC movie :+1:


I really like aquaman wonder woman and justice league.

I didn’t love or hate Batman vs superman. Though Justice league was pretty bad, I liked some stuff about it. Honestly…I’m just going to say it. It was the Flash that mostly ruined it for me. The costume, his “fast animation” the actor. gods…and He’s going his own flash movie? No thanks…I mean…imma watch it…but I highly doubt i’ll like it. lol Maybe I’ll be surprised though? I’ve loved Wonder woman, and Aquaman. I’m expecting great things from Shazam. I’m not big on the trailers so far, but I’m really hoping it’ll come through like the other two did.

I was wondering though when the newer DC movies were gong to make their way here.

I can’t watch the theatrical version anymore the editing issues were to much of a problem for me so I only watch the ultimate edition of the movie.

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It’s on TBS right now

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