Batman v Predator

I enjoy the DCAU and how they handle and make their movies. I’d like to see a Batman v Predator. I think the animation would be great to handle the violence and stuff.

If the DCEU is falling apart and they’re letting everybody’s contract run out then just make stand alone movies. The Predator just had a movie within the last couple of years. Bring it back with Batman. If it goes well do all three arcs.

I’d rather have Deathstroke vs predator


I’m down. As long as they follow the story and tone of the book, which is way better than it could have been. Crossovers, and even just Predator on its own, are easy to mess up/overdo. A great crossover doesn’t feel like a crossover it just organically inserts one franchise into another. Batman v Predator is still one of the best crossovers to-date for that reason. The tense dark tone feels appropriate for both characters.

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I’m in! Would love to see these series adapted.

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Mickey Mouse now owns Predator, so it’s unlikely. It was a great comic, though. A DC animated movie probably could have done a decent job with it.

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On the note of desired DC and Dark Horse animated movie crossovers, I’d love to see one featuring the B.P.R.D. and S.H.A.D.E.

It would be all kinds of delightfully weird and wonderful, especially if it utilized the animation style of The Amazing Screw-On Head.

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Such great ideas! I’d like to see whatever they come up with.

With the animation we would have a direct to video release. I think with that we wouldn’t have to cater to a mainstream audience and take different approaches on how one thing might work and another might not.

Could be as graphic as the source material of not more too.

This is a short fan film that you may have seen:

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