Batman V. Justice league

who would win, like entire JL

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Batman hands down

Does the League have Wonder Woman? Because if so, the League.

Tired of all this Batman stuff

Bro Batman is one of the World Finest! How could one ever get tired of The Dark Knight?

Easily. You can’t keep saying the same thing over and over again until you get sick of it. Why do you think marvel is so successful? Do they keep talking about Ironman? No. They talk about other characters. If dc just had the confidence in their characters like Zack Snyder had. Maybe we’ve would’ve gotten more dc characters. Look how Zack has confidence in Aquaman. Now that’s a movie that’s about to eclipse the dark Knight box office

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I think Aquaman’s success has more to do with James Wan than Snyder but I get you’re point. Certain hero’s are leaned on more heavily by both companies. I mean look at how many Spiderman movies and reboots there have been in the last 20 years. Batman is one of DC most popular hero’s and arguably one of the most popular and successful superheros ever. It would be bad business not to take advantage of that fact.

JL easily lol

Justice League wins here. As good as Batman is, despite being able to formulate a plan of attack against all of them, it would be too much. The power of Martian Manhunter, Shazam, and Superman alone would be too much.

Flash solos

See Justice League Doom.

JL would win imho. Batman could pull tricks & last a bit. The JL has too many weapons. Martian Manhunter is underrated, as he’s as strong as Supes with invisibility/morphing & telepathic powers etc etc. Add WW, Flash, Aquaman, GL, Cyborg & so on, depending on your version. Batman couldn’t deal. With the Outsiders with him, it would be interesting. I’d still give the belt to the JL tho. To play the Devils advocate, it’s hard to count Batman out of any situation. My brain says JL as victors in the end, as much as I respect Batman’s abilities, I’d put my money on the JL.