Batman:Under the Red Hood

So,i’ve just watched Batman:Under the Red Hood,and i’m very confused about the finale,I mean I was supposing it would be different from this.I totally understand Jason this time but I can’t understand Bruce,I was expecting he wouldn’t kill Joker but he could’ve done more to Joker this time.I really loved the movie though,very interesting and catchy.I want to know your opinion about this movie?


One of my favorites of DC’s animated titles. I haven’t read the story it was based on (yet), so I’m not sure how they differ, if at all, but I thought it was solid all around. I’ve seen people hate on Jason for his attitude and/or choices, and maybe there’s good reason for it (I’m FAR behind in comics and trying to read them in order), but in this film, I had complete sympathy for the guy.


I think as an emotional exploration of the consequence of Batman and the Joker’s actions, as DC’s publishing decisions, it’s a good story, and very moving.

As something that adds something interesting to the in or out of universe discussion of the “no kill” rule? It frustrates me immensely, because Batman never gets an actually good argument. “We’ll become just like him” is ridiculous, given that Jason isn’t asking for more, and it ignores the fact that Gordon and many of the good cops have had to kill in self defense many times. To me, the real reason that Batman shouldn’t kill is because he would lose the trust of the authorities and the public - it’s an overstep of the boundaries of citizenship, and Batman is still a citizen, despite his vigilante choices.


I really liked the movie! I didn’t really know much about Jason Todd until I saw the movie. The movie showed Jason’s origin and it showed his side of story and I get why he was upset that Batman did nothing about the joker overall I give the movie a 9/10 :+1:t3::grinning:


One of my favorite DC animated movies. I can relate to both Bruce and Jason but I totally agree with Bruce. I feel the pain he feels when he says of course he’d love to take Joker out permanently, but then he’d be no better than the other animals in Gotham. I can’t see Bruce cutting the deal with the drug dealers to skim off the top and showing them he serious by bringing a bag full of heads like Jason. Jason is broken, even Ra’s says he’s sorry that the Lazarus Pit didn’t fully restore him. Jason’s plight is sad but understandable given what he went through.


I’ve always seen that at the best reason for heroes’ no-kill policy, too.

I think with Bruce the subject can get a little more complicated, depending on which era we’re talking about and who’s writing him. He’s my favorite but I don’t see him as the most stable of the bunch.

But sorry! Trying not to derail thread topic further, so shushing now.


I’ll be the first to admit I am not a Jason Todd fan, at all.

However, it was very well crafted.

Taking the heads off those guys and putting in them in a duffle bag. Sorry, but Jason is a straight up murderer and psycho and at minimum belongs be in Arkham.

Batman’s monologue about not killing Joker makes sense. he wants to, but, know that if he crosses the line to murdering the Joker, he won’t be able to stop with just Joker. He becomes the Batman we saw Kevin Conroy portray in CW COIE. A strict utilitarian, to the point that he would even kill Superman, since Superman would eventually come into conflict with Batman’s mission.

I suppose if we have to have Jason Todd and the Red Hood (and I admit, IMO, we shouldn’t) I have to give the DC Amination crew props, it is a very good film. Structure, pacing, plot, character design, etc. were all done well.


The comic is my favorite comic book of all time. It was the first comic (for DC) that I couldn’t put down. That being said, I’m still just a year into DC comics and I’m still exploring Batman comics.


I can see both sides. If Batman killed the Joker, who is to stop him from killing the other rogues? Not only that, but his parents were murdered, and killing would make him no better than his parents’ murderer (at least in his eyes probably).

Jason just broke my heart because inside, he’s still a child looking for Bruce’s love. Bruce was probably the first adult in his life to truly show him the love he was craving. Not only that, but he’s Batman. Batman is always makes it in time, always saves the day, so when he doesn’t save Jason, that comes as a huge blow (actual explosion notwithstanding…sorry for the pun). Jason, coming from the background he did, would have done anything for Bruce, including killing the Joker to avenge Bruce if he had been the one to die. To come back and find out that no - Bruce, the one parental figure in his life that actually seemed to care for him (besides Alfred but he doesn’t count) would not do the same for him - is gut-punching, and leads Jason to believe that maybe Batman did not care for him as much as he thought. This was a betrayal to Jason that, combined with everything else, sent him over the edge.

Jensen Ackles voicing Jason (great choice by the way) gives it another unintentional spin on it. For those that watch Supernatural, there are definitely parallels to the two characters: a father figure driven to sacrifice everything for the sake of the mission, the feeling of unreturned loyalty (beginning of Season 2 anyone?), and a brother who seems to garner more genuine love from the figure than Dean/Jason. When Jason went into that monologue at the end, my heart went out to both characters, because I couldn’t help but see Dean saying that to John if I closed my eyes.


I don’t feel sympathy for Jason at all. If he had been going after Joker to try and kill him, great. And yes, he had it rough as a kid and all. However, he decapitated 6 guys and put their heads in a duffle bag, just to prove a point that he could. Just to show “what an alpha make I am”. That is totally whack. He’s a murderous psychopath. He had a rough childhood, “get in line with a bunch of us Jason”. Jason’s closing monologue doesn’t make sense. “You didn’t avenge me and kill the Joker. I’m not saying Penguin or Two-Face or Poison Ivy should die, only Joker.” But he goes about killing people who are a far lesser risk than any of the non-Joker supervillains he mentions. Dude is delusional and just looking for an excuse to murder people. And changing his tune on why it’s justified repeatedly.

They did a good job showing this in the movie and giving him inconsistencies in his rationale for murdering people, showing he is just a murdering psychopath that Batman’s guilt prevents him bringing in. They both show their weakness. The best character in the entire movie is the Joker. At least the Joker sticks to his principles and ideology, which is more than Jason or Bruce do. In the end, the Joker wins, because he gets both Jason and Bruce to be ethically compromised and fail at their respective “missions”.

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I definitely agree that the Joker is the one who wins in the end.

And I agree too that Jason is delusional, but I think some of that is to blame on the Lazarus Pit - not all of it, but some of it. The Lazarus Pit brings people back not quite right, and I’m sure that affected some of Jason’s decisions. That does not excuse them, though.


I thought it was an amazing movie. I have Jason bias but in the end it is still a good movie. A great story nice cast (really enjoyed DiMaggio’s Joker) and cool designs and animation.


I think it’s overrated. I wouldn’t even consider it a Top 10 Batman movie. It doesn’t know what its theme is, the script is weak, the lines are bad, the voice acting is mediocre, the violence (mainly from Joker later in the film as well as RH) is mainly shock value, and the ending is the definition of a cop out. Because it doesn’t know what its theme is, it couldn’t side with Batman or Red Hood, so it gave us an ambiguous ending at best (in other words, no resolution) in which Batman is either the sole survivor or Jason and Joker are still out there. I thought it was a mess.