Batman 'Unburied' Scripted Podcast Coming To Spotify



I will be definitely checking this out!!! :grin:

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This is one of the lamest things I think ever I’ve heard of. ■■■■■■’ Batman radio show? Wtf is it 1930 where everything needs a radio show just because it’s popular? That ■■■■ works with Sherlock Holmes maybe but Sherlock Holmes doesn’t depend on his VISUAL aesthetic. That’s kind of the whole point of a comic book versus a normal book. Not the best material for audio only media.

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I don’t think I agree with that, sonoflavey. There’s a lot you can do with an audio medium that you can’t get out of a purely visual one. It exercises a different part of your imagination. The Audible adaptation of The Sandman, for instance, is a great example of that. I’m personally looking forward to more DC story podcasts.

When I was a kid and we’d go on vacation, we’d usually listen to stories on tape. One of my absolute favorites was Dinotopia, because they had multiple actors and sound effects and it was really immersive. I’m definitely a fan of this kind of thing.


Winston Duke will be voicing Bruce Wayne! As if I need any more reasons to be excited for this! Such a great actor!!!


This finally dropped!

Already listened to the first two episodes. It’s off to a good start.