Batman Unburied: New Episodes Every Tuesday!

Calling all Bat fans!

If you haven’t heard, a new Spotify Original Audio Series released last week in partnership with DC Comics and Warner Brothers: Batman Unburied.

This original new story takes a unique approach on the Bat and his mission to deliver justice in Gotham…instead of the caped crusader, Bruce Wayne’s identity is that of a Forensic Pathologist, dedicated to helping GCPD solve crimes. With a unique approach to his work, Dr. Wayne walks the line of getting too invested in the grisly murders of a new serial killer: The Harvester.

Head over to Spotify every Tuesday for new episodes of Batman Unburied, and come back here to discuss all the latest developments! For an in-depth look at one of the key characters in this audio series, check out this interview with the very talented Lance Reddick.


I must check this out. Do you know how many episodes the whole series (or maybe just the first season) will be?


It’s 15 episodes long :slight_smile:




I wish I could listen to it. I don’t have the platform and even if I did, frequenting the site that pays Joe Rogan doesn’t appeal to me.


I love podcasts for when I’m doing housework, walking or traveling. I finally got the chance to listen to the first three episodes today while I was taking a long walk. Pretty good so far! I was happy that there are some familiar characters popping up in it.

What happened to the Batman radio show on HBO Max?

The Audio Adventures? I think that wrapped up its 10 episode season already.

Will there be another season?

This is very well done - similar to The Sandman on Audible in that it’s more a play than a podcast or audiobook. Like an old radio show they have different actors for each part and the audio mix is fantastic, especially if you have headphones on or are listening through Bluetooth on surround sound. The sound design is well done and it puts you in the world of Gotham. I suggest listening while driving or, if you’re at home, listening with the lights off/eyes closed.

As for the episodes - I’ve heard all four and am a bit confused. In this world we are led to believe that Bruce’s parents are still alive, he’s a forensic pathologist, he’s NOT Batman and Alfred Pennyworth is nowhere to be found but then he dies and from then on it’s the story we know and love - his parents were killed in an alley, he’s a reclusive billionaire who is also Batman, the Riddler, Joker, Mad Hatter and Killer Croc exist, he was dating Vicky Vale and Alfred is his butler. So we’re not even a third of the way into this and yet we’ve essentially got two completely different versions of Bruce Wayne involved. I’m curious to see where it goes from here and am enjoying it quite a bit.

As a fan of old radio shows this is right up my alley. I consume everything DC puts out - literally - so I was all in the minute this launched and will be listening every Tuesday night to see where it goes from here.

FWIW - last year when this was all announced they claimed that DC was working on nine shows for Spotify including shows about Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Riddler, Batgirl, Superman and Lois Lane. DC and Spotify signed a multi-year, multi-series deal and this is the first show to drop and it took a long time to go from concept to delivery so I wouldn’t expect any new shows anytime soon once this ends. I also don’t know how the sale/merger of DC effects these projects going forward.

Also FWIW - the show has been VERY successful so far. From Variety = “DC’s “Batman Unburied” superhero series soared to the top of the Spotify podcast charts in markets around the globe this week after its premiere — unseating “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the controversial show that is the streamer’s regular chart-topper. The thriller from David S. Goyer delves into the dark recesses of Bruce Wayne’s psyche with an all-new storyline.” That’s great news as it’ll no doubt be a good source of revenue for DC, great exposure for the brand and characters and will encourage them to make more.

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Sorry, Bruce as a Forensic Pathologist sounds like a 97.5% chance that they asked Goyer for a Batman story, and he just changed the main character’s name on a failed TV pilot script to “Batman”

Next: Batman moves into the same apartment building as Rachel, Ross, Chandler and Phoebe in “Batman: Unfriended”

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Are there transcripts available for these episodes? I’d love to listen with my friend but she has an auditory processing disorder and needs text to go along with the audio.


Will there be another season for Batman: The Audio Adventures on HBO Max? I can’t find any information about it online so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ll mention this request to @Alec.Holland!


To answer my own question: you can indeed find episode transcripts linked in the description of each episode on Spotify! They can be difficult to access, however, depending on how you use Spotify, so I’ll post direct links here:


Awesome work, thanks for providing those!


Ok, I have caught up, and this is a VERY strange Batman drama. First two episodes I really disliked - pretty much no connection to Batman - felt like a very generic (though well acted) episode of CSI: Gotham. But then you get into the Babs, Renee, and Riddler stuff, and it starts feeling sorta like Bruce Wayne: Murderer.

But still, why couldn’t it be an unashamed Batman drama, instead of trying to play coy with us?


It also reminds me a bit of the BBC radio drama Dirk Maggs did a long time ago (probably over 30 years ago) - The Lazarus Syndrome (1989). The connection between Batman being lost in his own head/confused about what is real because of a villain manipulating his reality - it feels like it’s been done before, rather than being fresh.

Well, maybe they’ll surprise me. As I said - the cast is excellent. I just wish the script felt more like “I’m a Batman story and I’m excited to be a Batman story” instead of trying to hide it underneath other tropes.

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All six episodes released so far have a link to their transcripts in their description. I don’t know if that helps any.

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Love that they are releasing two episodes per week. Haven’t listened to episodes 5 or 6 yet but I’m looking forward to it later tonight while wearing headphones in a dark room!

Listened to episode 5, and…honestly, this REALLY reminds me too much of Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome. Hopefully we’re about to see some new developments, though!