Batman tv shows

Which Batman show aired when you were a kid? :batman_hv_4:
For me, it was the “Brave and the Bold”/ “Beware the Batman”

Around the time I was in preschool, I would catch reruns of Batman:TAS. By the time I was in second grade-ish, The Batman was airing on Saturday mornings, and then right around the time I was in middle school, I would stream episodes of Batman: The Brave and The Bold on my computer from some DC-affiliated website (DC Kids or something).

I was in high school by the time I heard about Beware the Batman, and it never really piqued my interest. That said, I consider myself very lucky to have been a kid in this “perfect storm” of Batman animated content.

Btas and btas new adventures. Then justice league. I was an adult when brave and the bold and the batman came out, so im just now watching them. Brave and the bold is surprisingly really good and very canon.