Batman tv show

Hey guys so I’ve had this idea for a show for a while and I thought about sharing it here. So I really enjoy Gotham but I thought doing a origin story but it would be year one and it would be like the first season of Daredevil. The first couple of episodes introduce Bruce Wayne and the first episode would have him train with the leauge of assassin’s, he then leaves because they were going to kill a assassin called a talon, know Bruce Dosent know about the court yet but in the second season it will be explained, then in the second episode Bruce and Alfred talk about Gotham and Bruce’s plan to fight justice and then we have a title sequence that would have the feel of one of the Netflix marvel show opening and it would have young Bruce fall into the hole and then yes e gulfed by bats and then it shows a shilloute of Batman and then title, in this episode you meet Selina and get a feel of Gotham, you also meet Harvey, Vicky vale and Bruce’s friend Johnathan crane, yes In the show Bruce is a friend of Johnathan crane and in this Johnathan deals with anxiety because his father pulled experiments and using him as the subject. The third episode would have be seauences of flashbacks detailing Bruce’s life, and then the fourth episode would have Bruce become the Batman but the suit would be home made and would kinda look like the Gotham by gaslight version just without the collar. Then the other episodes would have Bruce dealing with the gcpd and penguin, the penguin would be the main antagonist and would find out his identity and then have personal revenge against batman and use every force to kill him, Then the season finale would have Bruce in a Arkham city looking batsuit and then he would have the trust of Jim Gordon, Selina would die by penguin, Harvey would have been held hostage by penguin but successfully saved by Bruce who at that time would have a broken torn cowl revealing and breaking the relationship of Harvey cause Harvey Dosent think what Bruce is doing is justice, and Johnathan would be seeing a vision of the scarecrow persona and penguin would be in black gate. The last ten minutes would be batman chasing down penguins goons running away and going to ace chemicals and a man named Jacob being shot by penguins right hand man sal marony as Jacob falls into the chemicals and Batman falls to save him but in the show Jacob is established as in a few scenes he is working with penguin and when Batman is interagating a goon the goon is jacob but in the interagation his name isn’t said and all he says is “please kill me l, my wife and child are dead and I wanna be with them”
The second season would have the birth of the joker and the court of owls would be a main focus.

So guys let me know what you think, I know it was a bit long but I was just letting all my ideas out

So, is the Penguin and Jonathan Crane arc part of Season one or two? I know you mentioned season two will be about the court of owls, but a subsequent season will introduce Joker.