Has anyone seen the Batman TMNT news? I love how D.C. branches out with other comic companies and makes weirdly amazing products.


As someone who grew up loving Batman (1989) and the original Teeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and the cartoons of both. I’m very excited for this film.

I’m not kidding I just bought the comic for my son so we’re gonna finish it asap lol.

I have both comics I was unaware of a movie. Sounds awesome

Does anyone know if it’s a TV movie or a theater movie? Live action or animated?

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It’s animated doubt it will have a theatrical release

I liked the crossover comics, TMNT in Injustice 2 and Batman and TMNT in general. So I’m in all the way for this!

@Meekey, as SmushyBear said, this will likely not be a theatrical release. It will be a direct to video release instead.