Batman/The Shadow

Back when the Batman/The Shadow mini-series was solicited, I had no interest in it, despite my hearty interest in both of the titular characters. As it came out, I paid little attention to it.

Upon seeing its arrival to DCU this seek, my attention was piqued, so I thought “What the heck?” and gave the first issue a peak. I’m now on #3 and very much enjoying this series so far. Definitely not your standard goofball crossover like many of titles of this nature are.

Who else has read this mini and what’d you think of it?

SN: My compliments to the Comic Chef that decided to bring Batman/The Shadow to DCU. Great pick!


I love it! It plays with both characters’ mythos in a cool way and the art’s gorgeous.

I liked it.

Maybe it’s me, but when reading Shadow’s dialogue I hear Alec Baldwin’s voice in my mind.

Anyone else?

I think I hear Orson Wells… But yea, maybe occasionally, especially during Cranton scenes.

It’s always the radio guy for me