Batman: The movie

Watching the 1966 Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward at my state theater! It’s such a great feel being in an old school building watching and old school movie. Love it! Support your local theater!


I actually remember seeing this as a little kid at the theater. That theater is long gone now. It is great you got to experience it in that setting.


I wonder when or if they will get that movie and the series on to DCUniverse

The rights situation has been finicky with the '66 series for years, especially since FOX owns the rights to it (and to live-action Batman series in general, which is why Gotham went there).

I remember when the 89 movie was coming out and my dad found a copy at the video store of the Adam West movie to rent. I was six at the time and so excited for the Tim Burton movie, but also thrilled with the re-runs of the show, so this was a perfect middle ground.

I loved it! So many villains at once! It was the TV show but longer and that didn’t bother me one bit.

I first saw Batman: The Movie on the Disney Channel. That was when it was a “premium” channel.

30th anniversary was end of June and they take it off the dc universe really smart dc real smart

@blurpee, a couple things to bring up: 1) this thread is about the Adam West movie, not the Tim Burton film and 2) You do realize movies get rotated on this app, right…? This is not a new thing. There are licensing agreements, so maybe there wasn’t a choice on having it here for the exact day of the anniversary of its release.

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Batman '66 is a heckuva lot of fun! No question!

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