Batman: The Long Halloween 2-Part Animated Adaptation Announced

Coming in summer/fall in 2021!

Between this and the Matt Reeves The Batman film, Batmania is gonna be big in 2021!

Batman: The Long Halloween Animated Movie Confirmed


Awesome™️ Didn’t see it being a two parter but sounds great. Even better.

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As much as I love the guy…Holy saturation, Batman! Hopefully it can be as good as The Dark Knight Returns 2 parter.

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I also saw that they are releasing a WWII era JSA animated film in 2021 as well.


I hope they don’t do to TLH what they did to Hush. Some things are good just as is.


In general I enjoyed the Hush adaptation, but THAT decision came out of nowhere. Kinda ruins the whole point of the original book.


Exactly my point. Thank you. If you’re going to make a change there better be a darn good reason for it. Not just because you want something new. That’s not agood enough reason.

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I am most excited for it.


Woah! :hushed:

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Any word on who’s going to be on the creative team for it? Bruce Timm? James Tucker?

I agree, the only reason I could see them doing it is because in the comic, if I remember correctly, The Riddler was revealed at the end of the comic to have been the mastermind thr helped Hush. Don’t get me wrong I hate the twist, but this revelation at least made me feel less irritated. But on the subject of Hush, hopefully we can get a Heart of Hush movie.

Fairly certain not James Tucker since he was mostly doing the shared universe animated projects which are finished and he’s taking a brief break during the pandemic.

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The two part format is promising. At least they’re not going to try and cram the year’s worth of story into one movie. I don’t expect a beat for beat adaptation, but I hope they at least respect the source material. To look at Dark Knight Returns, All Star Superman, or Year One and I think this was made by someone who cares about making the story that they’ve read. I look at hush and I think this was made by someone who flipped through the pages in a Barnes & Noble one time.

In interviews the writer of DKR discussed that doing the adaptation was a dream come true. I can tell by how conversations seamlessly use dialogue from multiple internal monologues that he had been writing it in his head for years.

I think a few of the New 52 movies relied on the wikipedia summary more than the comics.

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Long Halloween in its collected form is 384 pages, the dark knight returns is only 224 pages so the long Halloween would need a two-part film if you did not want it cut down. it would almost be better to have a 3 part.

Now I really need to finish the long Halloween as I like to read the source material if I can before I watch a film…however this is also when batman first dates Catwoman :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so we will likely some great batcat moments to make up for Batman: Hush…and we get another poison ivy vs Catwoman fight :grin::thinking: how the heck do those two end up friends yes I am a total bat cat fanboy.

It’s almost like someone feels bad about ripping these twos hearts out at the end of hush.


Reading the long Halloween and the one thing I hope they change about the book is that they greatly improve the artwork cause its just yuck. I hope they stick to year one style artwork or the DCAMC artwork.

Admittedly, Tim Sale’s style is something of an acquired taste, but it can grow on you!

Shrugs Sales style Its a bit to impressionistic for my realistic tastes.
I will admit his villains with the exception of iv are great. However, his normal people, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle and Catwoman not so much. Catwoman’s design belongs on someone like she-hulk then a the Feline fatal. she has muscles but there heavily toned not bulky, she is a gymnast not a bodybuilder. Ivy…ya she is a red head not a grass head.

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PS: also thinking about it I like it when the art from the books matches an animated adaptation however this is just my opinion but does not think Tim Sales style will translate well to an animated platform.

I need to admit after reading Solo number 1 Date knight I like Tim sales work as it seems to have been better refined by this point and solo number one has become a favorite book of mine.

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