Batman The Killing Joke

Now correct me if I’m wrong.

I would love to see
Batman The Killing Joke appear on The DC Universe it’s one of my all time favorite animated movies so good in so many different ways!

What do you think ? Yay or Nay :thinking:


I like what DC Animation did with it it’s in my top 5.

I’d love to see it on the service, even though I own it. I think it’d be good for people who haven’t seen it to see it.


Uhh… weird Batman/Batgirl stuff, fridging, animation that could never do justice to Brian Bolland… I’m not a massive fan of the actual comic, but the movie is 20 times worse.


The reason I tagged them is because they are in the story ? I thought it would make since.

Sorry for confusion

@VerminousJoker I’m pretty sure Batwing52 is criticizing what happens between Batman and Batgirl during the movie, not your tags.

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I really liked the I go looney song. When he showed Jim pictures of his daughter naked, that was really good to me

Loved the graphic novel. Never really dug the Batman/Batgirl shipping going on in the movie but it’s still a fine movie.

I wanted to read it again and see the movie. Even though I think some of the plot is well. . . Let’s just say I’m not a fan of some plot points. I was surprised it wasn’t available.