Batman: The Killing Joke

I am brand new to the DC Universe subscription and I have been trying to find this comic and movie to watch. Apparently it’s not available here either. Anyone have insights to this?


Yeah, they don’t have the movie or the comic. I don’t know about the movie, but they said somewhere that the comic isn’t included because it was original released in a graphic novel and things that were originally released in a graphic novel aren’t included in the DC Universe’s deal with DC Comics.


Hey I know this won’t be helpful because you seem very interested in the killing Joke. But I can tell you that the movie is not that good. I would recommend the Bat family movies. Son of Batman, Batman v Robin and bad blood over killing Joke. Those three are available here.


@Dr.Doom Yeah, the movie is absolute garbage.

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Y’all crazy. The killing joke was fantastic with a cool twist and funny as hell joke at the end. Watch that movie bro

Most of the animated movies not on here are licensed out somewhere else, especially ones like that that have never been rotated in. I would think when it’s license wherever it is before runs out then it might come on here.

As others have said while they have the bulk of the DC digital library on here, there are some exclusions one of them is books originally released as graphic novels vs individual comic book issues. So The Killing Joke, Gotham by Gaslight, and The Earth 1 stuff among others is not on here.


@junbugbd You can experience the same exact twist and joke in the comic. The problem with the movie isn’t the ending. It’s that beginning…

If you read the comic you can get all the good stuff in the movie and none of the bad stuff from the movie


@awesome squid I know right. I was so excited to buy it. I love babs and Joker so naturally I really wanted to see how this went down. I Have never read the comic books. I bought it and well, to say the least I was underwhelmed, no I was disappointed. There are much better DC animated films, lots of them.

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I think it’s pretty good shows how far joker will go to prove a point

Those Batman and Batgirl scenes at the beginning of the movie though

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I honestly never thought that they could make The Killing Joke worse than it was in the comics but that movie proved me wrong.

@JasonTodd428 That’s Bruce Timm for you! The man may have made some of the most celebrated shows ever, but he can be a bit creepy.

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Batman movies animated movies have been on a long run of bad.

Gotham by Gaslight is the most recent one, and that’s good, but it’s Elseworlds.

Beyond that, we have Batman and Harley Quinn in the old Animated universe. Pretty bad.

Batman Ninja suuuuuuucked. Amazing visuals but headache inducing plot.

Batman: The Killing Joke. Really bad from what I hear and have seen in clips and reviews.

The trilogy of Son of Batman, Batman Vs Robin, and Batman Bad Blood which seems to be the mainstream DC Animated Movie continuity was mostly bad. I did enjoy Batman Vs. Robin since it had the most worthwhile character arcs and didn’t drag, but the other two are a bit of a slog.

Batman: Assault on Arkham was really good, but it was in the Arkham Universe and was really a Suicide Squad movie.

I think you have to go back eight years to The Dark Knight Returns for a good mainstream Batman Animated Movie. Also greatly enjoy Year One, and Under the Red Hood might be the greatest Batman movie of all time. The Dark Knight is the only other one in contention for me though a lot of people point to Mask of the Phantasm and I haven’t seen that as a kid.

I’d love to see a revival of good Batman movies.


I definitely agree that the only thing good about Batman Ninja were the visuals, didn’t care for the story at all. Probably among my least fav in DC films.

Gotham By Gaslight was the opposite I felt, horrible designs and art direction but good story. I liked the twist just wasn’t easy on my eyes.

I loved The Killing Joke but it made me very sad, it’s probably one of the darker DC films. Makes Mask Of Phantasm seem like Disneyland.

Batman Year One was pretty good story from Gordon’s perspective though, I would had changed a couple things.

As far as balance goes, Batman vs Dracula, Under The Red Hood, The Mystery Of Batwoman and the newly released Batman vs TMNT are on top imo. DC artists, most of the time has strange choices in where they want to go. I think Marvel does a much better job in that regard, I also dislike the browser like choppy animation that DC does sometimes.

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@Gibbyhertz I liked the story in Batman Ninja until it got to the final battle. That was weird and boring.

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Yeah, anti-climactic :frowning:

I forgot to mention Batman Sub-Zero. I liked it, wasn’t a bad flick :slight_smile: However, I don’t think it was the most interest Mr. Freeze story, not that I’ll complain, Freeze is an awesome character.

If you have a public library, you can probably check it out. I liked Killing Joke. I bought and have watched it more than once. I’ve also got the graphic novel - which is far better. But aren’t all books better?
I will echo the sentiment that 1. Under the Red Hood. 2. Batman vs Dracula. and 3. DK Returns 1&2 are some of the finest animated movies. Those 4 are must see.